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Answers about God, Christian Aid Ministries

Searching for answers about God

…answers about God. Calling out with gospel billboards CAM has posted Gospel messages in cities and along interstates and major highways across the United States to remind people of God…

A difference, Christian Aid Ministries

A difference for this one

…This is just one of many stories. Brianna has grown spiritually and is enjoying life and her walk with God. However, many more see our billboards and need help. Pray…

faith in God, Christian Aid Ministries

Regaining faith in God

Larry* is a missionary’s son. “I lost my faith in God,” he said. “I’ve been searching. I know I need to do something. I saw your billboards in Detroit because…

meet Jesus, Christian Aid Ministries

Preparing to meet Jesus

Jeb* was driving through North Dakota and saw one of our Gospel billboards. “A friend recently invited me to church,” Jeb told the phone team member who took his call….