CAM Locations:

At CAM's home office in Berlin, Ohio, staff members do behind the scenes work such as processing donations, accounting, fundraising, procuring GIK products, making decisions, and directing the various CAM state-side operations and field bases.

Home Office, Berlin, Oh

We have a 55,000 sq. ft. distribution center in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, where food parcels are packed and other relief shipments organized. Next to the distribution center is our meat canning facility.

Distribution center and meat canning facility, Ephrata, Pennsylvania

CAM has staff and distribution networks in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Haiti, Nicaragua, Liberia, and Israel.

Warehouse, Suceava, Romania

Warehouse, Cluj, Romania

Warehouse, Chisinau, Moldova

Office and Warehouse, Kiev, Ukraine

Office and Warehouse, Titanyen, Haiti

Joshua Memorial Clinic, La Source, Haiti

Office and Warehouse, Managua, Nicaragua

Balm of Gilead Clinic, Waslala, Nicaragua

Office and Warehouse, Monrovia, Liberia

CAM also operates five clothing centers where clothing, footwear, comforters, and fabric are received, sorted, and prepared for shipment overseas.