god watched, Christian Aid Ministries
Ludmila front left.

Child of recipient family returns years later to say “Thank you” 

Ludmila and her six older siblings grew up without a father in their Moldovan home. She recently expressed appreciation for the food and literature her family received during difficult times when she was a child. 

 Ludmila writes, “My father went to be with the Lord one week before I was born. My mother had to work and struggled to raise us alone. Even so, she was not alone because God watched over us. I remember when we all came around the heating stove and one of my brothers read aloud one chapter from the only Bible we had in our house… After reading from the Bible, each of us prayed, kneeling down near our bed… My mother remained in the house for a long time, praying and crying for each of us.” 

 The prayers of Ludmila’s family were heard. One of the ways God provided for them was through generous supporters of the Adopt-A-Family food parcel program. “Even now after so many years, I remember the joy when . . . we received the food parcel,” wrote Ludmila. “All of us came around the parcel to see what was inside. I remember the canned chicken, powdered milk, and so many different food products in that box.” 

 Ludmila also remembers the great joy of receiving the Seed of Truth magazine and different Christian books. She shared, “In my heart, I developed a strong desire to go tell about Jesus to people who did not know about Him.” 

 Ludmila now works at a mission in the Namibian desert in southern Africa, which gives her opportunities to share about Jesus. She testifies that, amid intense darkness, God is working in people’s hearts. 

god watched, Christian Aid Ministries
Ludmilla in Namibia

 “I thank God for how He worked in my life,” Ludmila concludes. “To God be all the glory.”

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