Many Ukrainians have lived a relatively quiet, peaceful life. But since 2014, bombs and gunshots have left their mark on southeastern Ukraine. The military with its equipment can still be seen roaming the streets. Through this crisis, thousands of innocent people have been injured or killed. Bombs have destroyed many homes and other buildings. Life has become even more difficult since the local economy crashed. Many people have left their damaged homes in desperate search of a better, safer life.

Families struggling in the wake of this deadly conflict are grateful for the gift of Adopt-A-Family food parcels. They treasure everything these parcels contain.

Antin* and his family are recipients of a monthly food parcel. While the conflict raged, this family sought refuge in an underground shelter. For several days they lived on bread, milk, and honey until it was safe to return to their home. Through the Adopt-A-Family program, Antin and his family can receive a parcel containing canned chicken, rice, and other nutritious food items.


“May God bless you one hundredfold! You have no idea how much this helps us!” —food parcel recipient


Bohdan and Galyna live only several hundred yards from the line of fighting. From their house, they can hear gunfire. Bohdan and Galyna hope to someday move away from the fighting, but they cannot afford to move since they lost most of their possessions in the conflict. The monthly box of food they receive helps stretch the meager income Bohdan earns from his job of repairing shoes.

Olga, a widow who lives alone, cried when she received a food parcel. During the war many houses near hers were damaged by bombs. One night a bomb exploded close by and threw her out of bed. Olga lay on the floor and prayed as her house trembled around her. She says God protected her and her home. This widow is deeply grateful for the gift of food she receives.

God bless you for caring for these suffering Ukrainian families. When one recipient was asked what she would tell those who donated money for the food parcel she replied, “I would cry. May God bless you one hundredfold! You have no idea how much this helps us!”

*Names in this article have been changed to protect identities.

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