Moldova is a beautiful, mountainous country landlocked between Ukraine and Romania. But behind the country’s beauty, poverty remains a daily struggle for many. Government corruption, trade restrictions, rising food prices, and limited agricultural investments leave thousands of Moldovans stretching their incomes just to provide the basics.

In the small Moldovan village of Zaim live Anatol Ciorbu and his wife Maria with their twelve children. Anatol struggles to find a steady source of income to provide for his large family, since job opportunities in villages like Zaim are limited.

Moldova at a glance:

Moldova is the poorest country in Eastern Europe.

The population of Moldova is 4 million.

Most Moldovans speak two or three languages. These include Romanian, Russian, and Gagauz.

Anatol used to work as a watchman in Moldova’s capital city of Chisinau. But the $100 he received each month hardly covered the family’s clothing, heating, medical, and food expenses. Hoping to earn money to add rooms to their small house, Anatol left the country to look for work. However, the income he earned was not enough to complete these rooms, so living quarters remain cramped. Today, Anatol does odd jobs around the village, such as cutting and splitting wood, to try to provide for his family.

Anatol and Maria receive food parcels through the Adopt-A-Family program. These monthly gifts bring a sense of thankfulness and joy to their home. They are sure to use every food item in the parcel to its full potential. Although the food quickly diminishes with so many mouths to feed, “you can imagine the impact this gift has for such a needy family whose income is insufficient,” says a staff member.

Many Eastern European countries like Moldova still bear the damaging effects of communism, although it fell more than thirty years ago. Rising costs of living, low incomes, and limited job opportunities leave many people wondering how they will survive. Adopt-A-Family food parcels provide a lifeline of hope for families like Anatol and Maria’s in Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, and the Middle East. Thank you for extending this lifeline to thousands of families!

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