“We are a blessed family”

Vasile and Tatiana live in a small Romanian village with their twelve children. Vasile stays busy providing for his family of young children, most of whom are school-aged. He works at the local school in the winter, making sure the fires stay lit to warm the schoolhouse. During the summer he works on a construction crew.

Each season brings its challenges, but wintertime is the most difficult for Vasile and Tatiana. Providing firewood and thick clothes for warmth, medicine for sick family members, and school tuition for nine children is a challenge with a monthly income of a little over $100.

Then there is the constant need for food, especially for a family with growing children. When Vasile and Tatiana receive a food parcel through the Adopt-A-Family program, they always express their thanks. Recently they said, “Thank you for your help every month. . . . We pray for you and the good progress of the ministry. God bless CAM.” The family seeks to honor God in all they do and considers themselves fortunate amidst their struggles. “We are a blessed family,” they said. Workers who deliver the food parcels say this family’s godly living is an example in their small village. Vasile and Tatiana are always happy to see a CAM van parked at their gate. They say, “We always open our doors for you to come visit us.”

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