What is Agri-Plus?

Farm life is difficult in developing countries. While many farmers may have adequate resources, often they lack the necessary knowledge and training to succeed in life. The objective of Agri-Plus is to help farmers realize their God-given resources and implement sustainable farming practices. We want to help them identify opportunity.

"I am very happy and thankful to you all for the opportunity given to my community to benefit from the SALT/Agri-Plus."

– Mtamla Maburi, Agri-Plus member from Ghana, Africa. Mtamla is the chief of a community in Ghana shares.

Last year Faati stored 24 bowls of corn, and this year she is encouraged enough to increase the number of bowls to 30.

– Faati, Agri-Plus member from Batei

“I used to be happy with a three-fold harvest, but now I am looking for ways to increase my yields every year.”

– Edmond, Agri-Plus technician from Haiti

“I like everything about Agri-Plus, but the one thing I like is when the technicians come they always preach the Word of God, then talk about the soil.”

– Hermilus Leodor, Agri-Plus member from Haiti.

“This is the first time ever that I had grain left over after the hunger season. This has never happened before.”

– Pastor Peter, Agri-Plus member from Ghana, Africa. Peter lives in Ghana and greatly appreciates the grain silo he received through SALT.

Lomond lives in Haiti, and is part of the Agri-Plus program in this country. In July of 2018, he planted twelve and a half coffee cans of beans, and that gave him 50 cans . . . He’s very, very happy, and extremely excited about these beans.

Agri-Plus program goals

• Listens to farmers’ needs and teaches simple sustainable practices.
• Helps identify opportunities and available resources.
• Teaches Biblical principles and encourages spiritual growth.
• Teaches stewardship of the resources God has placed in their care.
• Encourages farmers to work together, share, and build communities and church ties.