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A longing to understand the Word

Please pray that God will help us understand His Word,” is a common request of the few Tarahumara people of Mexico who gather each week to hear the Word.

About All-Nations Bible Translation

Of the 7,360 languages spoken in the world, 2,014 of them still have no Bible translation. All-Nations Bible Translation is a conservative Anabaptist organization that focuses on translating the Bible and planting churches to reach people groups that lack God’s Word in their mother tongue.

For years, God’s Word has come to the Tarahumara people of Mexico only in Spanish. Since many of them speak a local dialect, Spanish is difficult for them to understand.

Last year, All-Nations Bible Translation partnered with a church in Pennsylvania to send a team to these Mexican villages. This team is preparing to translate and teach the Bible in the local dialect. Their prayer is to help the Tarahumara understand and live God’s Word.