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Food for the Body and the Soul

These girls in West Africa eat a meal only every other day during dry season. They and others from their village have a great need for food, but they have an even greater need for God’s Word. They cannot read the Old Testament because no one has translated it into their language. Although these villagers have the New Testament in their language, they don’t understand foundational truths found in the Old Testament.

All-Nations Bible Translation (ABT) team members are living in this village to learn the language so they can translate the Old Testament. ABT is also recruiting team members to research locally sustainable solutions for the village’s food needs.

In this work in West Africa and around the world ABT’s prayer and goal are to diminish physical and spiritual hunger through Bible translation and sustainable projects to help people provide for themselves.

About All-Nations Bible Translation

Of the 7,353 languages spoken in the world, 2,115 of them still have no Bible translation at all. All-Nations Bible Translation is a conservative Anabaptist organization that focuses on translating the Bible and is planting churches to reach language groups who do not have God’s Word in their mother tongue.