In the jungles of Liberia lay a sick baby girl. Death was imminent. Her young mother Soa was scarcely 21 years old. Desperately needing help, Soa turned to her family and friends, but they refused to help her. Soa was distressed. How would she restore health to the child she loved?

Christians in her area heard of Sao’s plight and came to visit her. They prayed and asked God to heal the sick girl. God heard their cry and healed Sao’s daughter!

Soa marveled at this miracle and at the love she saw in these people. As they continued to minister to her, Soa’s heart was drawn to their faith and she reached out to claim Jesus as her Savior.

This news was not received well by her family. They had no time for Christians, and they threw Soa out and disowned her. Soa was devastated, but she said, “No matter what my family does, I will live for Jesus.”

One day a team of people came to her village with Bibles, and Soa received her very first Bible. In spite of her hardships, the words in the Bible now encourage her to remain strong.

Like Soa, many others around the world are choosing to follow Jesus despite a high cost. To be abandoned by parents, cast out by husbands, and rejected by relatives is not uncommon for new Christians in restricted areas. We have the opportunity to encourage these believers by providing Bibles and other Christian literature through the Bibles-for-the-World program.

People scattered throughout the ends of the earth are receiving these gifts with great joy. For some, the Bible they receive is their very first one. As promised in Isaiah 55:11, God’s Word will not return void but will continue to change lives and strengthen hearts wherever it goes.

Persecuted Christians in restricted countries have two requests: “Please pray for us” and “Please send Bibles!” To support this program, please click below to give a one-time gift or start a monthly sponsorship.

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