Hands Are Waiting for God’s Word

Gather all the Bibles in your house and line them up on a shelf. Next, find all your Christian magazines and Bible teaching books. Your shelf is probably full.

Many churches and individuals around the world long for only a fraction of the Christian literature we have. Some churches meet for encouragement, but without one of the greatest encouraging sources—the Bible.

Bibles bring conviction

A thief robbed a Christian worker who was carrying several New Testaments in his backpack. After reading the Scriptures, the thief felt conviction he had never sensed before. He contacted the man he had robbed and asked if there was a way he could be forgiven even with his history of stealing. The believer was happy for the opportunity to show this man a way to peace and forgiveness.

People who are unknowingly searching for Christ’s peace to fill the void in their hearts, are good candidates to receive their own Bible. One lady from a restricted country said, “I was always getting angry at my family and disappointed in my sons, but recently two young ladies—they were two angels—came and gave me a New Testament. I have read it and it has changed my heart. I’m not angry anymore and I know God. I want to say thank you for this book . . .” 

Bibles give much-needed discipleship

Many of the people who have experienced Christ’s love in their hearts need his Word to help them remain faithful. Without the Bible to guide these people, it is hard for them to learn Christ’s way of love and peace. Alexander from Venezuela said, “Many young Christians and family units are being edified by the wonderful literature you provide. Words cannot express our thanks. Accept our smiles, and God bless you”.

There’s a way to help balance the scale

As you contemplate your full shelf, realize there is a way to make a difference. If you want to be someone who helps balance the scale, consider contributing to our Bibles fund, which works to put Bibles and New Testaments into eagerly waiting hands. We continue to encounter a huge demand for God’s precious Word!

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