noncash assets, Christian Aid Ministries
Other ways that you can help.

From your storehouse to those in need

DID YOU KNOW you can help the needy by donating noncash assets to support CAM’s Coronavirus Crisis Care project or any CAM program? You can gift almost any marketable possession.

Here is how it works:


Step 1

Gift non-cash assets like grain, cattle, collectables, or
real estate to CAM Foundation.
Contact us before you begin this process.

Step 2

After you transfer ownership to CAM Foundation, we
generally sell the gift through your usual channels. The
proceeds then come to CAM Foundation.

Step 3

Funds are then channeled to Christian Aid Ministries
to provide much-needed food, Christian literature, and
other emergency aid for people affected by the economic
fallout of COVID-19 lockdowns. You can also choose to
use the funds to support other CAM programs.

For more information, contact CAM representative Jon Stoltzfus at:

2412 Division Hwy., Ephrata, PA 17522 | Phone: 717-575-7361 | Email: