non-cash assets

Gifting grain and other non-cash assets

Did you know you can donate grain and other commodities, cattle, or other non-cash assets to Christian Aid Ministries Foundation (CAM Foundation) instead of making a cash contribution to CAM?

When you transfer legal ownership of commodities before they are sold, you will not realize taxable income from their sale, and you will still be able to deduct the entire cost of their production and minimize your taxes. Consult your tax advisor to determine if a commodities donation is appropriate for your tax circumstances.

Your donation of grain or livestock can be processed at the same place it is normally shipped. The broker will sell the grain or livestock and send the proceeds from your gift to CAM Foundation.

non-cash assets

Proceeds from gifts of non-cash assets are placed in a CAM Foundation Donor Advised Charitable Gift Fund. The donor can then advise how the funds will be distributed, whether to their local church, Christian Aid Ministries, or other charities.

If you are interested in donating commodities or other non-cash assets, contact us at 330.893.4915 for further details.