Kyle grew up in a family that smoked marijuana and drank alcohol. He despised that lifestyle and decided to move away from home. Kyle attended at least three churches, but each time he felt rejected and didn’t really find what he wanted.

Several months ago, Kyle saw two of CAM’s Gospel billboards and decided to take pictures of them. The messages on the billboards remained in the back of his mind. Recently when Kyle was driving down the road to a place where he was planning to commit sin, the message, Jesus can free you from sin began working its way to the front of his mind as he considered what he planned to do.

Deep in his heart, Kyle did not want to sin. He wanted to do what is right. So he picked up the phone and dialed our billboard number he had saved. Kyle explained his dilemma to our understanding phone team member.

After some discussion, our team member prayed for Kyle and asked him if he would like to pray. Kyle responded with, “Yes, but I’m not sure how.” Our team member told Kyle to start out by saying, “Dear God,” and then tell God what is on his heart.

Kyle began praying. He prayed such an honest prayer—confessing his sins to God and telling Him how he wants to do what is right.

Our team member encouraged Kyle to read the Gospel of Matthew and call back with any questions. Kyle was glad to hear we would find a church we could recommend for him.

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