Atheists frequently call the billboard number. Some are cordial and respectful, while others are rude and irate. Many atheists grew up going to church or Sunday school. Because of the hypocrisy they saw or some other negative experience, they turn their backs on God. They try to remove from their minds the God they once believed in, and tell themselves repeatedly that there is no God.

We should not avoid atheists. They may be closer to the kingdom of God than we realize. Many of them feel empty and lonely. While it may appear as if they are on top of things, deep inside they hurt and long for truth and love.

Carrie* declared she was an atheist but feels God is speaking to her. “Everywhere I go I see these signs,” she said. “Is there a website where I can read about God, faith in Him, and Jesus?” Our team member directed her to our website where we offer audio messages and reading materials about the Christian life.

“I have driven by this billboard a million times, scoffing at it. I’m very thankful I called,” stated one young atheist caller after a congenial conversation with our team member. He had received some information to mull over, and seemed to be thinking deeply.

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