Abby* believes strongly that there is a God. But she struggles to understand Jesus.

Abby’s interest in Christianity had piqued when her friend Alisha became a follower of Jesus. Alisha, who used to live in deep sin, talked a lot about Jesus and Abby saw the difference He made in her life. So when she passed a CAM billboard along a highway in Massachusetts, her heart was prepared to take in its message. The sign read, “Beyond reasonable doubt, Jesus is alive.”

Well, I’m open to evidence, thought Abby, who is a college professor. I can be convinced. I wonder what these people have to say. She picked up the phone and dialed our toll-free number.

“We believe in one God and that Jesus is part of God,” our team member told her.

“How can that be?” she asked.

The team member described the Trinity as the early Christians would have described it—“It’s like the sun, and the light, and the heat. Just as the sun is the source of both heat and light, God the Father is the source of the Son and the Spirit. Although in one sense the three beings are distinct from one another, in another sense they are inseparable from each other.” That seemed to make sense to Abby and she had many more questions.

Abby is one of approximately 220 people per day who call the Billboard Evangelism phone line. Many in our country have questions about Jesus. Some press 1 on our phone line to hear a Gospel sermon. Others press 0 to get through to one of our 18 phone team members. For the serious seekers we offer follow-up, such as text communication, helping someone find a Biblical church, or sending Christian literature.

Abby is one of those seekers. She was open to receiving a book about the resurrection. Pray for her and the many others in our nation who are seeking. Pray also for our phone team members as they prayerfully listen to questions and guide people to Jesus the Messiah.

* Names in this article are changed to protect identity.

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