Heaven or Hell

I trudged a path of darkness and despair,
Unaware of the choices, life wasn’t fair.
The road to hell, so dark and wide,
In shadows deep, I sought to hide.

But there, a billboard stark and tall,
“Where are you going?” is what I saw.
I paused and pondered that shocking sign,
A question that pierced this heart of mine.

I also saw there lifted high
A number for the passerby.
So I dialed and heard a tender voice,
Sharing love to make me now rejoice.

He taught me of a different way,
A path to heaven, where I could stay
In His presence. Joy began to swell,
Jesus offers to redeem from hell.

I turned from darkness to the light,
Chose Jesus’ love, and gained my sight.
Now on the path to heaven, I stride,
With Jesus Christ right by my side.

—written by a phone team member

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