believing in God, Christian Aid Ministries
Acton California

“I need a Pilot”

Melody’s* husband died in the armed forces in 2011. Shortly afterward came the death of their unborn baby. Melody stopped believing in God and became bitter. She said, “He had just taken my family.”

Melody often travels the east coast where she is confronted by many CAM Gospel billboards. She tried not to look at the billboards, but usually she was unsuccessful. One day while on the road, Melody was at the point of wishing she would be crushed between the two tractor-trailers driving near her.

Dialing the billboard number, Melody started sharing her struggles with a phone team member. He began to explain the Scriptures to Melody. Just as she started feeling at ease with the conversation, the phone connection cut off.

Melody cried, “God, if you are real, have this man call me back.” Just then her phone rang. Melody was delighted to continue the conversation about her purpose in life and God’s plan for her salvation.

After some time, Melody said she was praying for a rest area so she could stop and concentrate on talking. Suddenly she saw a Pilot gas station. The name Pilot caught her attention and made her think of her need for direction. She yelled in the phone, “I need a Pilot.” She was amazed that God answered two of her prayers in short order.

During that 98-minute call, Melody came to a clearer understanding of God. She stated, “I need God to take over my life.” In her prayer she honestly pled, “God, I am really drowning. I need you to do something in my life. I need to know how to believe and to know that you are real and that you care for me. God, just help me. Take control, be a part of my life. Jesus, forgive my sins. Thank you.”

Since then, our phone team has had follow-up conversations with Melody. She expresses how good it is to stop fighting God and experience peace. She has memorized Scripture, witnessed to friends, gone to church, and been baptized.

It was at age 46 that Melody realized her life was messed up. God has been at work since she came to that realization. She now gives testimony that “He has given me a new life!” Melody admits it is “scary and exciting to see the next chapter in my life.”