A Blanket for the Poor, Christian Aid Ministries

A Blanket for the Poor

Millions of homeless individuals, day laborers, displaced families, rural villagers, and others dread the cold months. In normal circumstances, many of them can hardly afford to buy food and other necessities. Winter adds even more expenses, and people often lack warm blankets.

Our goal is to provide 100,000 blankets this winter.

CAM is receiving an increasing number of requests for blankets in various parts of the world, such as Asia and the Middle East. Although we ship thousands of donated comforters around the world, our supply does not meet the huge demand. Funds are needed to purchase and distribute blankets to impoverished people.

Tamasi, a recipient in Asia, said, “I was full of joy and happiness . . . when I was handed such a thick and huge blanket . . . and immediately I started thinking that this blanket will cover our family and protect us from the cold . . .”