“We have a room made of stones and two rooms made of tin,” Aaira* said after violence drove her and her four children from their home in Yemen. The chill of winter hangs in their bare rooms, and they welcomed the blankets our contacts gave them. The warmth of blankets helps ease the chill from the stone walls.

Aaira shared, “My children used to share two blankets among the four of them, and they would catch colds and fevers. Now our suffering is relieved. May you be rewarded by God! Thank you, and thank you, God!”

In other places like Syria, Ukraine, India, and Nepal, tattered coats and thin blankets do little to ward off the chill during winter months. With few heating resources like firewood, brutal winter weather brings desperate pleas for warmth.

Your funds that provide the gift of thick blankets are helping to respond to these pleas!

*Name is changed to protect identity.

If you would like to help provide blankets for poor people this winter, please see below to give a one-time donation or begin a monthly sponsorship. The average cost per blanket is $25. 

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