A food parcel encourages Sasha and Victoria, especially during the winter months in Ukraine. With a house that doesn’t keep out the cold, the children became sick.


Gazans Touched by the Gift of Food

A warm welcome softens the presence of the plastered, block walls as the visitors enter. “As-salam alaykum” (peace be upon you). The hosts invite their guests to take a seat on the floor mats or sofa. As they sit and discuss sickness, financial difficulties, and other challenges, the hardships of life in Gaza come pouring out.


Monthly Food Parcels for the Capra Family

The Capra family of fourteen shares half of a small house with another family. Constantin, the father, is working to build a new house to accommodate his family. The house has a roof now, but Constantin has no money to finish it. Constantin works whatever small jobs he can find, sometimes at a local sawmill,… Read more


Relief for Europe’s Neediest Country

Dirt streets lead into remote villages of Moldova, Europe’s poorest country. Concrete hulks of communist-era buildings stand deteriorating along the roadsides. Other than a few schools, an occasional grocery store, and a local drinking bar, businesses are rare. The country has attracted few international companies, meaning less jobs for the locals. In fact, steady, income-producing… Read more


A Sign of God’s Care

Pavel and Lyuba sensed God calling them to the Ukrainian village of Uspenovka to start a church, but they didn’t know how He would provide for them and their six children, ages 3 to 16. When they started getting a monthly food parcel from CAM, they knew it was God taking care of them. The… Read more


Recipient from Years Ago Returns to Say Thank You

Adopt-A-Family was Christian Aid Ministries’ first program. It had its beginning in communist Romania when Christian workers secretly traveled throughout the country and gathered contact information of desperately poor Christian families. CAM, then called Christian Aid for Romania, sent parcels of food and other items to these families. Years later, children of recipients are still… Read more


Food Parcels Bless Hardworking Family of 14

Vasile in Ukraine is a hardworking man, trying to fulfill his God-given calling to provide for his family. But the money he makes in construction work doesn’t stretch around to meet all the family’s needs. Besides feeding 14 children, there is clothing to buy, school expenses to cover, and a house to heat during Ukraine’s… Read more



Oleg ekes out a living by herding village cows, taking them to various pastures near his Moldovan village. But life is difficult. He and his wife Tatiana live without many modern conveniences and work hard to care for their eight children, and have very little income. The monthly food parcel they receive from CAM brings… Read more

Families, Children

Assisting Families through a critical time

Imagine not being able to find a job. You go from one business to another but no one is hiring. Factories that once operated during communism are abandoned and decaying or used for storage. Some families in your village run a small food store or a bar, but most live off small pensions from the… Read more

Adopt-A-Family - Ukraine

Adopt-A-Family – Ukraine

Oleksandr and Svitlana Shumskaya live in Turya, a small village in northern Ukraine. They are awaiting the birth of their tenth child. Oleksandr does the best he can to provide for his family, but his wages of $150 (USD) a month doesn’t meet nearly all the family’s needs. Once when Oleksandr and Svitlana were completely out… Read more

Adopt a Family Recipients with food parcel

A Lifeline for Thousands of Families

Adopt-A-Family was CAM’s first humanitarian aid program. It was designed to provide much-needed food for poor and often large Christian families living in communist Romania. Over the years, tens of thousands of families in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and the Middle East have been blessed with Adopt-A-Family food parcels. It is not uncommon for us to… Read more