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Why God’s Heart Hurts for the Mixtec

The Yoloxochitl dialect spoken by a segment of the Mixtec people is fascinating. At times it’s musical and other times harsh-sounding. It’s a beautiful dialect spoken by over ten thousand people who have no scripture in their language. The Mixtec are an indigenous people who live throughout southern Mexico. Most Mixtec people believe in spirits… Read more


“God Speaks my Language!”

English-speaking people have been able to read the Bible in their heart language for five hundred years, and most of us have numerous Bibles in our homes. But millions of people live and die without ever reading the Bible. Why? Because no one has translated the Bible into their native tongue. Today, 1,800 of the… Read more

All-Nations Bible Translation

Forward with God’s Word

Recognizing that the Gospel is intended to be “good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people,” All-Nations Bible Translation (ABT), a conservative Anabaptist organization that CAM supports, is preparing to go into the world with God’s Word. According to ABT, about 1,800 people groups still have no portion of the Bible translated… Read more