A Critical Shortage of Bibles

“There remains a critical shortage of Bibles . . . because of the massive growth of the Church,” wrote a CAM contact who distributes Bibles in a closed and restricted country. “Tens of millions of Christians are still unable to access God’s Word.” Thanks to God’s blessing and your generous support, CAM was able to… Read more


From Human Sacrifice to Serving a Living God

For more than a century, no one dared move the six stones that stood in the middle of the village, marking the place where six girls had been buried alive in 1905. Several Liberian bush villages had been at war, and the village of Gbarjorkor was losing. The villagers believed human sacrifice would bring them… Read more


New Testaments To Remote Siberia

In Siberia, a region in Russia that extends into the far north, nomadic reindeer herders live much the same as their ancestors have for hundreds of years. They make their own clothing from reindeer fur, live in tents made of reindeer skins, and migrate thousands of miles on handmade reindeer-drawn sleds. Besides the harsh and… Read more