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The eternal impact of Christian literature

Reading has the power to expose us to new ideas and change our perspectives. That is why the choice of reading material is important. But for many people around the world, sound Biblical reading material is hard to find or nonexistent. The Christian Family Magazines program provides the Seed of Truth and Antorcha magazines for… Read more

Bible Teaching Material

A Great Dearth of Bible Teaching Material

Do you ever long for reading material to nurture your soul? Or maybe you struggle to find time to read the material you have. While many of our bookshelves are overflowing with doctrinally sound books and magazines, Bible teaching material is scarce and in huge demand in many parts of the world.

Christian Family Magazine

Christian Family Magazine

What is going through this Liberian boy’s mind as he intently reads the Torch of Truth Christian family magazine? Will the sound Bible teaching take root and direct his life? Most Liberians have very few books or other reading material, so an attractive magazine is a treasure.


“Like a Starving Person”

Do you ever have a real craving for spiritual food? Elena from Finland says she anticipates the Seed of Truth magazine “like a starving person longs for nutritional food.” Elena lives far from a church where she can hear God’s Word preached. This monthly magazine is an important part of her spiritual diet. Hundreds of… Read more


More Than Six Million Copies Sent in 2016

Florin Duciuo from Romania enjoys reading the Seed of Truth magazine and has kept copies of every issue ever printed. He started reading the magazine before he was married. Now, with a wife and seven children, Florin supplies his family with only edifying Christian literature. He says, “I embrace conservative Christianity. I learned my conservative values… Read more


I Am the Man

Meesha* from Ukraine was struck to the core when he read the September 2016 issue of the Seed of Truth magazine. Meesha had divorced his first wife, and his pastor had blessed his marriage to another divorced woman. But af­ter reading the articles “The Perma­nence and Sanctity of Marriage” and “Thou Art the Man,” Meesha… Read more

Magazines, Man

Christian Family Magazines

Anselmo Gonzales lives in rural Nicaragua and receives an Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth) magazine with his monthly food parcel from CAM. He can’t read, but he says just looking through these magazines reminds him of the Lord. Illiteracy is a common problem among the elderly in Nicaragua, but when they receive the… Read more