Warm gifts for a cold winter

What will my children wear? How will we stay warm? As winter looms ahead, these troubling thoughts weigh on the minds of people who struggle to provide for their basic needs. In remote areas of Eastern Europe where CAM works, the average income for families is only $2 each day per family member. On such… Read more

Clothing Bundle Project

Clothing Bundle Project

In cold climate countries where poverty is common. Parents often wonder if their children will have warm clothes to wear this winter. Thick coats, warm hats, and winter boots are often unaffordable for those with a meager income. CAM’s Clothing Bundle Project sends donated clothes to bless families in Romania, Ukraine, and other countries. Happy… Read more

Warm Clothing, Cold Winter

Warm Clothing for a Cold Winter

The children’s eyes sparkle with excitement. A bundle of clothing has just arrived at the Paraschiv home. Smiles light up their faces as they dig through the CAM clothing bundle. They discover shirts, dresses, sweaters, and shoes that fit them! The clothes have arrived just in time for school and the long winter that is… Read more

Clothing Bundle

Clothing Bundle Project

Mountainous areas of Tajikistan have extremely harsh winters with large amounts of snow. CAM provides quality used clothing in this former Soviet republic in Asia. A clothing bundle provided by CAM supporters will help this needy family prepare for the cold winter ahead


Clothing for the Frigid Weather of Tajikistan

Tajikistan, a country just west of China, is considered to be the poorest of the countries that once belonged to the former Soviet Union. For common laborers, life is tough here. Some live on only $1.25 per day, and others have basically no income. With Tajikistan’s extremely cold winter coming on, CAM clothing bundles will… Read more

Clothing, Ukraine

Clothing Bundle Project

“We were never in such great a need as we are now. I used to have a job that provided enough income to supply the physical needs of my family. Now I have no money and we are in desperate need of clothing before winter comes.” —refugee in Ukraine So far this year, your donations… Read more