Disaster Response Services


Disaster Response Services

Despite temperatures below freezing, Mike from Rainelle, West Virginia, was living in a tent while he anxiously waited for his new house to be completed. This elderly man’s previous home had been destroyed in the flood that swept through West Virginia in June 2016. Disaster Response Services staff and volunteers recently finished Mike’s house, and… Read more


Disaster Response Services

When torrential rains caused the Blanco River in San Marcos, Texas, to rise, many businesses and homes flooded. One of these homes belonged to Charles and Mildred (pictured above). In the months that followed, Disaster Response volunteers helped build a new house for them. When their house was finished in the spring of 2016, our… Read more

West Virginia Flooding

West Virginia Flood Victims Prepare to Rebuild

CAM makes plans to set up DRS bases In the weeks following the disastrous flooding that swept through a large part of West Virginia in June, CAM’s Rapid Response volunteers worked long and hard to help hurting homeowners clean up and prepare for rebuilding. They hauled mud-caked furniture from houses, ripped out water-logged interiors, and… Read more

Floodwaters strike DRS base in Texas

A flash flood forced our DRS staff in San Marcos, Texas, to evacuate on October 29. We had set up base there because of the severe flooding that hit the area in May. The area was once again hit with the same kind of disaster. Only this time, our staff experienced in part what the… Read more