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Working for a new House

Raducu is a church leader in Romania who works hard to support his family and shepherd his congregation. His family of nine lives in a small lean-to house they built beside their church.

“This has strengthened our faith in Him.”

“This has strengthened our faith in Him.”

Raducu and Daniela were the first evangelical believers in their Romanian village situated close to the Black Sea. Since their conversion, Raducu pastors a small church that has grown to 22 members. Raducu used to work as a professional truck driver, which required long distance traveling. But after he became a believer, Raducu wanted to… Read more

Ruba’s son stands near the sheep his family purchased with Family-Self-Support funds from CAM.

Helping Middle Eastern Families Support Themselves

The family of Samir Awad* is living a barebones existence in the Gaza Strip. The door and window openings of their house aren’t covered, and they don’t have much protection from the cold and wind. When our staff recently visited this family, they were burning egg cartons to heat food. Even necessities like cooking fuel… Read more


A Beekeeper in Romania Establishes 120 Hives

Vast fields of sunflowers and canola surround the village of Darabani in southeastern Romania. Danut Silion lives in this area and saw an opportunity in the flowers blooming in the fields. Raising bees and selling the honey could supplement the meager income he made as a part-time watchman at a local company. After apprenticing with… Read more

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With a growing family to support, Emeric and Ana from Romania needed new solutions to make ends meet. They applied for Family-Self-Support funds and were able to buy their own tractor. Now they can make better use of their small farm, earn an income, and hopefully even save for the future. Family-Self-Support provides resources for… Read more

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Helping Fishermen in Gaza

In Gaza, a crowded Palestinian territory along the Mediterranean Sea, fishing has been an important source of income for thousands of years. CAM has helped numerous fishermen in Gaza expand their fishing businesses through the Family-Self-Support program. With the specialized fishing nets they receive, the fishermen are able to catch more fish, which helps them… Read more