Favorite Stories from the Bible

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Children’s Story: Meet Sentoya, A Kenyan Girl

Far away in the country of Kenya lives a girl named Sentoya.* She is from a tribe of people called the Maasai. Sentoya is either eight or nine years old. She isn’t exactly sure. She was three years old before she was even given a name. Maasai parents don’t give their children names until they are three, because so many of the children get sick and die young.


The Power of a Bible Story Book

While traveling through Western Europe on business, Vitali from Ukraine was involved in a terrible accident. As he lay on the pavement in excruciating pain with broken ribs puncturing his lungs, he heard the paramedics say, “He’s not gonna make it. Let him die.” At that moment, Vitali remembered a Bible story book he had… Read more