Gifts of nourishment and hope

Sadira’s* husband and two children perished in an attack in their Syrian hometown. Fearing for their lives, Sadira and her only remaining child fled to a camp where she met CAM contacts who provided food for her.   “Why would God take my husband and children?” was one of the many questions Sadira asked our contacts…. Read more

War-Weary Syrians

Food for War-Weary Syrians

Living on less than $2 a day is a struggle for war-weary Syrian refugees. In desperation to survive, some of them offer their young daughters for early marriage to make money through dowries, or they are forced to send very young children to work. Food parcels bring relief to struggling refugees, especially families with growing… Read more


Food Parcels for Syrian Refugees

Hunger is a problem—a sharp gnawing problem for thousands of Syrian refugees. After fleeing for their lives and leaving behind homes and careers, many now struggle to find jobs in the places where they are taking refuge. Some work in the fields harvesting fruit and vegetables for minimal pay, but the questions still loom: Will… Read more