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Gifts That Grow

Weary mothers smile and their children’s eyes sparkle when they receive this healthy supplement provided through the Gifts-That-Grow program.



Through Gifts-That-Grow, CAM’s clinic in Nicaragua provides Ilda with the medicine she needs to help her baby recover from sickness and relieve her pain.


Gifts – That – Grow

When you donate to the Gifts-That-Grow program, your gift “grows” significantly! Here’s how. Each year, millions of dollars’ worth of free medicines, food, nutritional supplements, and other items are offered to CAM for free.



Little Meyling from Nicaragua is one of many disabled children who have received a wheelchair from CAM. When she was a baby, Meyling suffered a very high fever for several… Read more

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Nine-month-old Bety, pictured at right, eagerly drinks a can of PediaSure at CAM’s Balm of Gilead Clinic in Nicaragua. She weighed in at only 11 pounds after suffering chronic diarrhea… Read more