When life is difficult

When life is difficult

David Flomo in Liberia used to be active and widely known in his area. He was gifted with the ability to organize the whole town if necessary. David worked hard on his farm to provide for his family. But when leprosy took its toll, life became difficult. The cruel disease started affecting his foot and… Read more

Blind Blau, Donate

Blind Balu Receives a Food Parcel

Balu from Liberia has faced unique challenges. His mother, who was an East Indian Hindu, abandoned him during the Liberian war. A Hindu community raised him but later rejected him when he chose to follow Christ. Then eighteen years ago, Balu became blind. Despite all these trials, Balu remains a pleasant, grateful person. He expressed… Read more



In his younger years, Iacov from Moldova worked in a small factory during communism. Now at 91 years old, he is forced to depend on others for helping him. Iacov lives alone since his wife passed away around seven years ago. He receives a small government pension of about $2.50 per day, but with prices… Read more


Dark Clouds in Sunset Years

Growing old isn’t all that easy anywhere. But it is especially hard in a desperately poor country like Liberia. The elderly in Liberia have experienced unspeakable hardships throughout their lives. Years of civil war left many without spouses or family members. And even after the war, they struggled to provide for themselves while the economy… Read more


Food Parcels for Maria

In her younger years Maria broke both legs, which never healed properly. She now lives with constant pain and uses crutches to walk. However, she can’t afford pain medicine, since the small government pension she receives isn’t even enough to cover the cost of food and other bills. Last year Maria started receiving monthly food… Read more