Bringing smiles with wheelchairs

A smile slowly spread over Milagro’s face as he sat in his new wheelchair. Then he started making truck noises. This new gift was an obvious treasure to Milagro, a six-year-old boy from Nicaragua who has Down Syndrome. Milagro’s parents use a wheelchair to take him to church and other places, but his previous wheelchair… Read more


The Wonderful Gift of Mobility

George was born with club feet. Without proper correction, this Kenyan child would likely never walk. Poverty left him with little hope. But then, through the Hope-for-the-Handicapped program, George received small boots and a corset for his torso. George is starting the process of correcting his feet so he can walk. In many countries, children… Read more


The Gift of Mobility

George from Liberia was born with a deformity that left him unable to walk. When his parents discovered this, they abandoned him soon after birth. A mission rescued George and cared for him for many years. He is now living at a home for handicapped individuals. Today George uses a wheelchair to get around. Recently… Read more

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Eighty-year-old Amal,* a Palestinian woman in the West Bank, came scurrying down a hill to meet our staff who were delivering a new walker. Her old walker rattled over the bumps in the road as she hurried. It was as if she was worried she might lose the opportunity to get a new one. Amal… Read more


God’s Work in Sehweh

Yah Domah, a disabled woman in Sehweh, Liberia, has faced many hurdles. Growing up, she was healthy, strong, smart, and educated. But according to the local story, which may include superstition, some jealous person cast a demonic spell on her that gave her epilepsy. Eventually, the epilepsy affected her brain, and after some time, she was unable to walk on her own. Before… Read more