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International Crisis

Deadly Earthquake in Mexico

Deadly Earthquake in Mexico

A powerful earthquake struck southern Mexico late Thursday night, toppling large buildings and leaving dozens dead. The epictenter of this 8.1 magnitude quake was near the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca. This region is one of the most impoverished areas of Mexico. The earthquake was felt by about 50 million people across the country and… Read more


Cyclone Opens Doors to Closed Region

A powerful cyclone recently tore through a region of Asia, destroying around 10,000 houses. Before the cyclone, the people in this area had been closed to the outside world. They had little exposure to the true God and have deep spiritual needs. After the cyclone, our staff gained access to this battered area to investigate… Read more

“Water, water,” they plead.

“Water, water,” they plead.

Their steps are faltered, their faces thin and drawn. The desperation in their eyes is almost palpable. “Mai, mai (water, water),” they plead. I’m surrounded by flattened buildings, crumbled cement, and bombed cars in Mosul’s old city. Armored Humvees drive by, on their way to the front lines. The only sounds are the thuds of… Read more


Literature for Colombia Mudslide Victims

Most of the people in Mocoa, Colombia, were fast asleep when a mudslide swept through on April 1. Those who woke up had to run for their lives. Those who didn’t wake up perished. More than 300 bodies were recovered, but another 300 were never found. “Images of the disaster continue to haunt us,” wrote… Read more


Emergency Blankets for Bangladesh

Bangladesh, a country in South Asia, typically has mild winters, but the past few years have been unusually cold. This winter is especially frigid. Most Bangladeshis live in houses not equipped for cold weather. “During the day they warm themselves in the sun,” our contact in Bangladesh wrote, “but they do not have any protection… Read more

As the fighting continues in Mosul, the number of displaced persons grows.

Fresh from Mosul

Last night after distributing blankets in a camp for people who had fled Mosul, we were getting ready to leave when we saw a lot of new arrivals—women and children sitting out in a dark, fenced area beside the road with fires going to warm themselves. It was cool and drizzling a little. We decided… Read more