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International Crisis

Thousands Flee Isis

Thousands Flee ISIS

Today we were very close to where Jonah of old preached within the city limits of Nineveh. Those awaiting their parcels of rice, flour, sugar, and oil stood in a quiet and orderly fashion as more folks appeared from broken places of refuge. The faces were kind but accented with fear, struggle, and need.

Rebuilding begins for hurricane victims in Haiti

Rebuilding Begins for Hurricane Victims in Haiti

After weeks of preparation and research, CAM’s rebuilding project for Hurricane Matthew victims in Haiti is underway. Two bases have been set up in heavily affected areas. One base is in the seaside town of Jeremie. The other is in the mountains, where people have received no help since the hurricane hit on October 4…. Read more

It looks like a war zone

Hurricane Matthew Devastates Haiti!

“It looks like a war zone” A CAM staff member who flew over southern Haiti on Friday estimated that, in the worst area, “85 percent of houses are flattened, gone, scattered to the winds.” He said, “It looks like a war zone.” Tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed. Now that the storm has… Read more

Floodwaters, Liberia, Water

Floodwaters in Liberia

Rainy season in Liberia always brings a lot of sogginess, but this year extra heavy rains brought a devastating amount of water. A river near CAM’s base overflowed, flooding hundreds of houses and rendering at least 4,000 people homeless. Houses made of mud and sticks are common in Liberia, and when floodwaters entered these houses,… Read more


Flooding in Central Asia

Amir woke with a start. It was two o’clock at night in Asia and someone was shouting to warn him to leave his house immediately! The riverbanks were giving way. Quickly Amir woke his married son Firdav, whose family lived with Amir. But the water was already in their home. As Firdav tried to gather… Read more

homes destroyed by the earthquake in Ecuador

Ecuador Rebuilding Project

A CAM staff member is in Ecuador, working with contacts to launch a rebuilding project. Many Ecuadorians are struggling to rebuild their lives after losing their homes and possessions in the April 2016 earthquake. With the help of volunteers and homeowners, we plan to rebuild or repair houses for at least some of these needy… Read more

Mother, baby, war, suffering

Syria Still Suffers

Five years have passed since anti-government protests in Syria triggered a bloody civil war. Repeatedly, attempts at peace have been abandoned as missiles and bombs continue to rain down death and destruction. Women have been widowed, children orphaned, and people of all ages maimed for life. Several hundred thousand people have died. One resident of Aleppo,… Read more

destruction in Ecuador

First Alert! Devastating Earthquake in Ecuador

The lives of thousands of families in Ecuador were dramatically changed when a powerful earthquake rocked the country on April 16, 2016. More than 600 people were killed and thousands more injured. Many lost homes and possessions and now struggle to rebuild their lives in the devastating aftermath. A CAM team visited Ecuador a few… Read more


Elephant Rampage in India

In a village in Orissa, India, elephants once again rampaged through people’s houses and gardens. The elephants ate the villagers’ rice, damaged their gardens, destroyed houses and outdoor kitchens, broke the few cooking utensils the villagers had, and even killed an elderly man who was unable to escape. Elephants had also attacked villages in Orissa… Read more

Children in Milddle East

CAM Team Visits Refugees in the Middle East

I was recently privileged to be part of a three-man team who traveled to Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan. We visited various projects CAM supports and met with war refugees. Our goal was to better understand what to expect as the Middle East conflict continues and to reassess the best ways to help. We encountered many… Read more

Relief for Dominica after Tropical Storm Erika

Relief for Dominica after Tropical Storm Erika

Tropical Storm Erika hit the Caribbean island of Dominica on August 27, dumping 12 inches of rain in 12 hours. The large amount of rainwater combined with Dominica’s steep mountain terrain caused disastrous flooding and many landslides. Thirty-one people were killed, and hundreds of homes, bridges, and roads were destroyed. Dominica, not to be confused… Read more