Many Liberian children don’t have the opportunity to go to school. But this young girl is learning to read and write at Hope Mennonite School. Supporters who fund CAM’s International-Sponsor-A-Student program give her this opportunity. Hope Mennonite School is one of two CAM-supported schools in Liberia that operate under the direction of Faith Mennonite Church… Read more

Sponsors enable students like Elisa to receive a Christian education.

Affected for a Lifetime

“Good morning! How are you?” The happy chorus of young voices greets visitors who have just arrived at Light Mennonite School. Elisa White is among these Liberian students. She was abandoned by her mother and now lives with her uncle. Having a sponsor from across the ocean reminds Elisa and others at the school that… Read more


Ruth’s Unusual Opportunity

Ruth has an unusual opportunity—one that more than 400,000 Liberian children don’t have. It’s an opportunity thousands of Liberian parents long to give their children but can’t. Ruth is going to school. Ruth attends Light Mennonite School—one of two CAM-supported schools in Liberia. The school operates under the direction of Faith Mennonite Church in Lott,… Read more