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Food for Orphaned Children

Food for Orphaned Children

Marioara, a 65-year-old widow from Romania, cares for her two orphaned grandchildren. The children’s mother fought a long battle with cancer, but eventually the sickness took her life. The year before Marioara’s daughter passed away, Jericho Road Program staff frequently held Bible studies with her. Now Grandma Marioara receives a monthly food parcel through this… Read more

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Ministering to Romania’s Gypsy People

Five-year-old Daria and her family received clothing through the Jericho Road Program. Her brother received medicine to help fight his battle with cancer. The family is from a Gypsy village in Romania that is largely excluded from the rest of society. CAM ministers to this people group by distributing aid and offering home Bible studies,… Read more


Aid for Romania’s Gypsy Communities

In Romania’s Gypsy villages, life is bleak for those living in poverty. There are widows who don’t know the goodness of Jesus, elderly who suffer alone with illnesses, and children whose parents cannot provide for them. CAM’s Jericho Road Program reaches out to these neglected, abused, and lonely individuals in various ways. One aspect of… Read more


A School for Neglected Gypsies

Eastern European Gypsies have roots in India, their dark skin giving them a distinct appearance from most of their Romanian neighbors. Because this sect is often accused, and sometimes guilty, of begging or stealing, much of society disdains and mistreats them. School is no exception. Gypsy students often live with shame associated to their culture… Read more


Can they be trusted? Can they be reached?

Here in the United States, Gypsies once traveled the country, selling their wares and living in camps. People held them at arm’s length, assuming the worst. While most Gypsies in the United States have blended into the mainstream culture, in many parts of the world, Gypsies have maintained their own distinct culture. Thousands of Gypsies… Read more

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Jericho Road Program – Romania

Like many people in his culture, Marin Roman, a paralyzed Gypsy in Romania, lives a “hand to mouth” existence. Gypsies, as a whole, live with a stigma that dates back to the 1800s when they were enslaved. Because of shame and rejection, Gypsies often avoid socializing with the outside world. As a result, many of… Read more

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A Gypsy Widow in Romania

Maria Badalache, a Gypsy from a rural village in Romania, has been a widow for 24 years. First, she raised her own children, and then she raised her children’s children. Now, at 72 years old, Maria is even helping to raise her great-grandchildren. Their parents moved to the city for work. “I am very tired,” Maria told… Read more

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Helping Couples Get Legally Married

Living together before marriage isn’t uncommon in the Gypsy culture of Romania. “It’s culturally accepted,” says Marvin Miller, director of CAM’s Jericho Road Program. “Many shack up before they can afford to get married.” Affording it means paying for blood tests and a marriage application. It also means paying fees at the mayor’s office that amount to… Read more

Jericho Road Program

Jericho Road Program

Orphans, widows, elderly people, and other needy and neglected people benefit tremendously from aid they receive through the Jericho Road Program. This program focuses on helping Gypsies and other people in Romania who have been “left by the wayside.” In addition to distributing aid, the Jericho Road Program. also sponsors five remedial schools, holds summer… Read more

Changing the Future for Gypsies in Romania

Changing the Future for Gypsies in Romania

CAM’s Jericho Road Program, based in Patrauti, Romania, reaches out to orphans, widows, elderly people, needy families, and school children who have been “left by the wayside.” Most of these people are Gypsies, a socially and economically disadvantaged minority group. Many Gypsies are uneducated and therefore struggle to find steady employment. The Jericho Road Program… Read more