Vitamins for twins in Nicaragua

The single mother of these six-month-old twin girls sells lemons on the street to make ends meet. Her struggle to provide leaves the twins at risk of malnutrition. As a mother who cares deeply for her babies, she brought them to our clinic in Nicaragua where CAM staff provided vitamins to help keep the twins… Read more

save precious lives

Medicine that could save precious lives

Liberia has some of the worst health statistics in the world. One in ten children dies before his/her fifth birthday. Diseases like pneumonia and malaria claim lives daily. Some people even die from minor sicknesses like diarrhea or the flu. Sadly, the leading causes of death are often preventable. But for the average person who… Read more

Medicine and Nutrition for the Suffering

Small gifts that save precious lives

Medicine and Nutrition for the Suffering With well-stocked medicine cabinets and easy access to doctors and hospitals, most of us in the United States find it hard to imagine life otherwise. But what is normal for us is rare in many parts of the world. For some, the nearest clinic is several days’ walk away…. Read more


Medical Care for Remote Liberian Villages

Your gifts recently helped provide medicines for four remote villages in Liberia where medical care is nearly nonexistent. “The nearest clinic is several days’ walk away,” said one of our staff members in Liberia. “When you get sick, you just die.” A medical team from another mission, along with CAM’s medicine program director, flew in… Read more


CAM Medicines Valued at Liberian Clinics

Twin toddlers, Sally and Morris, both have fevers. Emmanuel dumped hot water on himself and sorely burned his skin. Eight-month-old Musu is severely malnourished. These are just a few of the cases seen at C.H. Rennie Hospital in Liberia. Here, needy patients receive quality medicines through CAM’s Medicines-for-Multitudes program. This program provides 40 clinics and… Read more


Medicines in Remote Places

In a makeshift exam room in a remote little schoolhouse in Nicaragua, boys and girls, moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas came for checkups. Some needed blood pressure medication, others needed vitamins, and still others needed antibiotics for ear infections. A small rough road or a footbridge are the only ways to get to this… Read more