Middle East in Crisis!

It could be me

It could be me

A mother worrying her unborn baby will die; a girl with degenerative eye disorder; a crippled boy with a bright mind and a weak body; a widow caring for her remaining family members, a sister and four children– it could be me.

A Good Heart For Hamudi

A Good Heart for Abdul

Abdul* hurried into his family’s tent. What were those strangers doing here? He heard one of them say “heart surgery,” and his heart skipped a beat. Half excited. Half afraid. Abdul had heard these words before. He knew they were talking about him because he had a hole in his heart. It made his body… Read more


A New But Dreadful Normal

A bleak life of hardship has become a new but dreadful normal for Syrian refugees. Thousands are still waiting to return to their homes. CAM staff recently visited Turkey where they found a cattle barn lot crowded with tents. It was home to fifty refugee families. “Conditions were extremely squalid with makeshift tarp structures thrown… Read more


Returning Home

Streets littered with gun shells. A kitchen filled with shattered coffee mugs and broken dinner plates. Walls, once painted beautiful shades, now pitch black from smoke. This is what many Iraqis are finding as they return to their hometowns recently liberated from ISIS. After months of living in crowded camps or apartments, they are excited… Read more