Middle East in Crisis!

As the fighting continues in Mosul, the number of displaced persons grows.

Fresh from Mosul

Last night after distributing blankets in a camp for people who had fled Mosul, we were getting ready to leave when we saw a lot of new arrivals—women and children sitting out in a dark, fenced area beside the road with fires going to warm themselves. It was cool and drizzling a little. We decided… Read more

Thousands Flee Isis

Thousands Flee ISIS

Today we were very close to where Jonah of old preached within the city limits of Nineveh. Those awaiting their parcels of rice, flour, sugar, and oil stood in a quiet and orderly fashion as more folks appeared from broken places of refuge. The faces were kind but accented with fear, struggle, and need.

Syria, Girl, Food Aid, Turkey

A Cry from Turkey

An elderly Syrian woman needed to flee to Turkey because of the war in her home country. She is unable to work and struggles to survive. When she received a package of food, she said, “Last night I opened my hands in prayer and said, ‘O God, I’m hungry and sick. Have mercy on me.’… Read more

Pray for Peace in the Middle East

Pray for Peace in the Middle East

The Middle East, that teeming region at the center of history, continues to draw the eyes of the world by violence, conflict, and tension. Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war four and a half years ago, Christian Aid Ministries has been deeply involved in bringing aid and comfort to refugees from both Syria… Read more


Invest in Syria’s Future

The stories of Syrian refugees are stories of shattered dreams and broken lives. High school students forced to flee the conflict in Syria left behind their dreams of higher education. Young children pulled out of Syrian schools will struggle to read, write, and do basic math because of the interruption. Some of these children have… Read more

Winter Storms in the Middle East

For Syrian refugees living in tents and makeshift shacks, the winter storms scouring the Middle East are deadly. Heavy snow weighs down the roofs of tents and can cause the shelters to collapse. Rain leaks through roofs and soaks flooring, mattresses, and blankets. High winds and blizzards send frigid air through cracks and canvas. Several… Read more