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Warmth for Winter’s Hardships

When chilly winds blow and fluffy clouds bring heaps of snow, we scurry inside, thankful for the comfort of a warm house. Stacks of firewood outside or a reliable source of gas mean we don’t have to fear winter. Meanwhile across the Atlantic, many families in Romania and Ukraine are distraught at the thought of […]


The Warmth of a Comforter

Cold weather makes us pull our cozy blankets closer, and makes us thankful for a warm house that shelters us from the chill. This, however, is not how life is for needy families in Romania or Ukraine who also experience frigid temperatures. Poverty has them living in houses that aren’t climate controlled, but love from […]


Christian Family Magazines

What is going through this homeless Nicaraguan man’s mind as he intently reads the Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth) magazine he just received? This magazine is produced at a conservative Mennonite publishing house in Costa Rica that is supported by CAM. The easy-to-understand articles provide a steady diet of sound Bible teaching for […]


A School for Neglected Gypsies

Eastern European Gypsies have roots in India, their dark skin giving them a distinct appearance from most of their Romanian neighbors. Because this sect is often accused, and sometimes guilty, of begging or stealing, much of society disdains and mistreats them. School is no exception. Gypsy students often live with shame associated to their culture […]


Water of Life!

Excitement was in the air as the New Hope community in Liberia anticipated their first drink of fresh well water! Pastor Akin preached heartily to the group who had gathered for the dedication. “The water is free. It is easily obtainable . . . but if you refuse to drink this spiritual water, you will […]


Savings Groups Starting in Ukraine

Sasha, a member of a recently established SALT savings group in Ukraine, listened intently to the Bible-based teaching at a SALT meeting. He always thought the small amount of money he earned wasn’t worth saving. “But as I listened intently about the need for discipline . . . I realized that my unnecessary spending habits […]


Returning Home

Streets littered with gun shells. A kitchen filled with shattered coffee mugs and broken dinner plates. Walls, once painted beautiful shades, now pitch black from smoke. This is what many Iraqis are finding as they return to their hometowns recently liberated from ISIS. After months of living in crowded camps or apartments, they are excited […]


Will Lismarlin Survive?

In our land of plenty, it can be hard to imagine children dying of malnutrition. But in some parts of the world, this is a part of daily life. Lismarlin, a young girl from rural Nicaragua, was slowly regressing after a month with diarrhea and a few days of vomiting. Her family carried her several hours […]


Relief for Europe’s Neediest Country

Dirt streets lead into remote villages of Moldova, Europe’s poorest country. Concrete hulks of communist-era buildings stand deteriorating along the roadsides. Other than a few schools, an occasional grocery store, and a local drinking bar, businesses are rare. The country has attracted few international companies, meaning less jobs for the locals. In fact, steady, income-producing […]


Ruth’s Unusual Opportunity

Ruth has an unusual opportunity—one that more than 400,000 Liberian children don’t have. It’s an opportunity thousands of Liberian parents long to give their children but can’t. Ruth is going to school. Ruth attends Light Mennonite School—one of two CAM-supported schools in Liberia. The school operates under the direction of Faith Mennonite Church in Lott, […]


Food Parcels for Maria

In her younger years Maria broke both legs, which never healed properly. She now lives with constant pain and uses crutches to walk. However, she can’t afford pain medicine, since the small government pension she receives isn’t even enough to cover the cost of food and other bills. Last year Maria started receiving monthly food […]

CAM assesses damages in Puerto Rico

CAM assesses damages in Puerto Rico

CAM Rapid Response team members are in Puerto Rico investigating damages to see how we can best help. Before leaving, the team had spoken with a mission pilot who was the first to land in the capital city San Juan after Hurricane Maria. “The needs are unbelievable,” the contact said. “The news isn’t getting the […]