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Nourishment for the Malnourished

What if you had twin babies and not enough milk to feed them both? How would you choose which one to keep alive? In impoverished countries, it’s not uncommon for one twin to thrive and the other to die. Sometimes parents are uneducated about the importance of regular...

Medicines in Remote Places

In a makeshift exam room in a remote little schoolhouse in Nicaragua, boys and girls, moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas came for checkups. Some needed blood pressure medication, others needed vitamins, and still others needed antibiotics for ear infections. A small...

A Critical Shortage of Bibles

“There remains a critical shortage of Bibles . . . because of the massive growth of the Church,” wrote a CAM contact who distributes Bibles in a closed and restricted country. “Tens of millions of Christians are still unable to access God’s Word.” Thanks to God’s...

Heartache and Hope

—From a report by Melissa Wingard, CAM staff member in Liberia Some days the heartbreak of this world squeezes my heart. Aleppo. War. Millions of refugees trying to stay alive. Ebola orphans. Children dying from lack of food. Entire volumes could be written on the...