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Blind Blau

Blind Balu Receives a Food Parcel

Balu from Liberia has faced unique challenges. His mother, who was an East Indian Hindu, abandoned him during the Liberian war. A Hindu community raised him but later rejected him when he chose to follow Christ. Then eighteen years ago, Balu became blind. Despite all these trials, Balu remains a pleasant, grateful person. He expressed… Read more

A Good Heart For Hamudi

A Good Heart for Abdul

Abdul* hurried into his family’s tent. What were those strangers doing here? He heard one of them say “heart surgery,” and his heart skipped a beat. Half excited. Half afraid. Abdul had heard these words before. He knew they were talking about him because he had a hole in his heart. It made his body… Read more


More than 1,400 lives are touched each week as our staff delivers precious containers of free, nutritious milk in Romania. Our vision for Milk-for-Many-Mouths is to have regular contact with forgotten people who live in remote and hard-to-reach areas. Recipients include desperately poor families, forgotten elderly people, and needy homes for the handicapped. “Who remembered… Read more


Bringing Jesus to the Maasai

An African tribe, known as the Maasai, has been living as nomads in a remote part of Kenya for centuries. This tribe has little connection with the outside world and is steeped in traditional beliefs and spiritual darkness. Drunkenness, witchcraft, and child marriage are common. Wanting to bring Jesus to this tribe, CAM staff in… Read more


Little Rose Receives Life Saving Drink

Twenty-one-month-old Rose’s body was swollen from malnutrition. Her mother, afraid Rose might die, brought her to a CAM-supported clinic for help. Thankfully this clinic in Haiti had nutritional drink on hand to start her journey to recovery. Every Friday, Rose’s mother made the five-hour trip back to the clinic for Rose’s checkup and more life… Read more

Medicine and Nutrition for the Suffering

Small gifts that save precious lives

Medicine and Nutrition for the Suffering With well-stocked medicine cabinets and easy access to doctors and hospitals, most of us in the United States find it hard to imagine life otherwise. But what is normal for us is rare in many parts of the world. For some, the nearest clinic is several days’ walk away…. Read more

“This has strengthened our faith in Him.”

“This has strengthened our faith in Him.”

Raducu and Daniela were the first evangelical believers in their Romanian village situated close to the Black Sea. Since their conversion, Raducu pastors a small church that has grown to 22 members. Raducu used to work as a professional truck driver, which required long distance traveling. But after he became a believer, Raducu wanted to… Read more



Laura was serving time in a Romanian prison when she enrolled in CAM’s Bible correspondence course. She had grown up with little Christian influence and had never heard the things she was learning in the study course. Recently she wrote to us: “The course I am studying is just wonderful. It explains things that I… Read more



In his younger years, Iacov from Moldova worked in a small factory during communism. Now at 91 years old, he is forced to depend on others for helping him. Iacov lives alone since his wife passed away around seven years ago. He receives a small government pension of about $2.50 per day, but with prices… Read more

Hanifa Heart Patient

Medical Team Brings Hope to Iraqi Refugees

Abdul* is an Iraqi refugee.  He has a severe health condition which affects his heart and lungs. At six years old he weighs only 36 pounds. Most of this little boy’s energy goes into just staying alive. Abdul’s village was destroyed in a crossfire last year. He and his family live in a refugee camp…. Read more

School boy in South America with a copy of CAM’s Bible story book.

A Message of Hope for Venezuela

Christian literature for a country in crisis The future looks grim for the people of Venezuela. A corrupt socialist government has thrown the country deep into an economic crisis, and the value of money has dwindled to almost nothing. Families struggle to survive. Tens of thousands are leaving the country Desperate for a better life,… Read more