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What Recipients are Saying

CAM provides Bible correspondence courses to several thousand recipients in Romania, Liberia, and Sierra Leone through the Sponsor-A-Bible-Lesson program. Only eternity will reveal the full impact of these courses, but responses from recipients give us a glimpse at some of the effects. Here are a few responses from Romania. “I really enjoyed the course A […]


Literature for Colombia Mudslide Victims

Most of the people in Mocoa, Colombia, were fast asleep when a mudslide swept through on April 1. Those who woke up had to run for their lives. Those who didn’t wake up perished. More than 300 bodies were recovered, but another 300 were never found. “Images of the disaster continue to haunt us,” wrote […]


Abandoned. Lonely. Forgotten.

Frederick, an elderly man in Liberia, spends every day in bed, completely dependent on the mercy of others to survive. His wife abandoned him, and no other family members help care for him. Some people cook his food and provide a little care, but the help is minimal. Frederick has a wheelchair, but no one […]


Search and Rescue Incident in West Virginia

Search and Rescue (SAR) teams have been involved in 14 incidents since the program was launched in June 2016. The morning of April 24, the Ohio team was deployed to West Virginia to help search for a missing elderly man with Alzheimer’s. The search continued over three days. On the afternoon of the third day […]

Severe Storms in the U.S.!

Flood cleanup continues in Missouri

Rapid Response Update: Flood cleanup is ongoing in Thomasville and Van Buren, Missouri. The Missouri team is also keeping an eye on the St. Louis area, which was still flooded at the beginning of the week. Search and Rescue update: The bodies of the children who were swept away in the Arkansas flood have been […]


Recipient from Years Ago Returns to Say Thank You

Adopt-A-Family was Christian Aid Ministries’ first program. It had its beginning in communist Romania when Christian workers secretly traveled throughout the country and gathered contact information of desperately poor Christian families. CAM, then called Christian Aid for Romania, sent parcels of food and other items to these families. Years later, children of recipients are still […]

Yemen Silently Starves

Yemen Silently Starves

For two years, war has raged in Yemen, an impoverished country on the Arabian Peninsula. Bombs and missiles rain down destruction and death, as Saudi Arabia tangles for influence and rebel groups fight for control. But war has brought something even worse to Yemen. Starvation. With Yemen’s borders blockaded and its economy in shambles, millions […]


Bible story books help Moi people learn to read

The Moi language is spoken by about 6,400 people in Indonesia. It became a written language only about 12 years ago. Moi people are still learning to read their heart language. CAM’s Bible story book was translated into Moi within the past few years and is being used to teach the people how to read. […]


Blind Man Receives Food Parcel

CAM workers delivered a food parcel to this elderly man’s home in Kenya. Because he is blind, he was unable to come to the central drop-off point where recipients typically pick up their parcels. Like many elderly people in Kenya, this man survives on very little and lives alone. A friendly visit and a box […]

Muhtadi enjoying his new wheelchair.

A Wheelchair Provided by Hope-for-the-Handicapped

Diabetes and nerve problems caused Muhtadi Abu,* a Palestinian man, to become weak and unable to walk. He was using a broken, rundown wheelchair to get around. When a CAM staff member brought him a new one, he got a big smile. The staff member reported, “Muhtadi Abu kept wheeling slowly back and forth, getting […]

Billboards with the name "Jesus" make people think and ask questions.

A Curious Caller Asks About Jesus

Abby* believes strongly that there is a God. But she struggles to understand Jesus. Abby’s interest in Christianity had piqued when her friend Alisha became a follower of Jesus. Alisha, who used to live in deep sin, talked a lot about Jesus and Abby saw the difference He made in her life. So when she […]