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Cyclone Opens Doors to Closed Region

A powerful cyclone recently tore through a region of Asia, destroying around 10,000 houses. Before the cyclone, the people in this area had been closed to the outside world. They had little exposure to the true God and have deep spiritual needs. After the cyclone, our staff gained access to this battered area to investigate […]


A Heart to Learn and a Hot Meal

Bright, eager eyes filled with anticipation. Tender, impressionable minds easily molded. Lives ready to be lived to the fullest. This is what Haitian parents see when they look at their school-aged children. They long to equip their children to face the world’s challenges and give them the ability to read and write. But poverty intrudes. […]


The Gift of Mobility

George from Liberia was born with a deformity that left him unable to walk. When his parents discovered this, they abandoned him soon after birth. A mission rescued George and cared for him for many years. He is now living at a home for handicapped individuals. Today George uses a wheelchair to get around. Recently […]


What Does Love Look Like?

What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men. This is what love looks like.” –Saint Augustine For the past 10 […]


Famine in Africa

“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light.” Isaiah 9:2 Africa is facing its worst famine in recent history as drought and conflict rage across more than a dozen countries. Many people have died already, and more than 20 million are at risk of starvation. “Families have exhausted every means they have […]


Insulin for Vlad

Through CAM’s Special-Needs-Fund, hundreds of impoverished people receive critically needed medicines and surgeries. Vlad lives in Ukraine with his parents and five siblings. Although he is only five years old, he is diabetic and needs insulin shots and pills every day. These special medicines are quite costly for his family who already struggles to make […]


“Because of sponsors, I can read and write!”

International-Sponsor-A-Student is one of CAM’s many sponsorship programs. Sponsors are still needed for some of the 290 children who attend Hope Mennonite and Light Mennonite schools in Liberia. The monthly donations cover the cost of tuition, textbooks, and other expenses. At these schools, the children learn to properly read, write, and solve problems through a […]


Food Parcels for Syrian Refugees

Hunger is a problem—a sharp gnawing problem for thousands of Syrian refugees. After fleeing for their lives and leaving behind homes and careers, many now struggle to find jobs in the places where they are taking refuge. Some work in the fields harvesting fruit and vegetables for minimal pay, but the questions still loom: Will […]


Needy Farmers Utilize Their Greatest Resource

Thousands of acres of farmland lie underutilized across Ghana, Haiti, and Cambodia. If used to its full potential, this land could provide food and income for desperately needy families. Our goal for the SALT Agri-Plus program is to work together and learn with local farmers what simple farming practices could make their fields and gardens […]


Rejected Yet Rejoicing

In the jungles of Liberia lay a sick baby girl. Death was imminent. Her young mother Soa was scarcely 21 years old. Desperately needing help, Soa turned to her family and friends, but they refused to help her. Soa was distressed. How would she restore health to the child she loved? Christians in her area […]


A Sign of God’s Care

Pavel and Lyuba sensed God calling them to the Ukrainian village of Uspenovka to start a church, but they didn’t know how He would provide for them and their six children, ages 3 to 16. When they started getting a monthly food parcel from CAM, they knew it was God taking care of them. The […]


A Gift of Love for Forgotten Romanians

How would it be to live in such poverty that you anticipate the moment when someone will bring you just a few quarts of fresh milk? Ileana’s life is little more than a matter of survival. This 84-year-old widow lives alone, forsaken by her only daughter. She receives a monthly pension, but that averages out […]

“Water, water,” they plead.

“Water, water,” they plead.

Their steps are faltered, their faces thin and drawn. The desperation in their eyes is almost palpable. “Mai, mai (water, water),” they plead. I’m surrounded by flattened buildings, crumbled cement, and bombed cars in Mosul’s old city. Armored Humvees drive by, on their way to the front lines. The only sounds are the thuds of […]


Living with Little

A heart disorder forces Meybi from Nicaragua to use some of her meager income to buy medication. This leaves very little money to buy food and clothing for herself and her four growing children. With an income of only $10 a week, Meybi has to plan carefully and make do with very little to survive. […]