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Laura was serving time in a Romanian prison when she enrolled in CAM’s Bible correspondence course. She had grown up with little Christian influence and had never heard the things she was learning in the study course. Recently she wrote to us: “The course I am studying is just wonderful. It explains things that I… Read more



In his younger years, Iacov from Moldova worked in a small factory during communism. Now at 91 years old, he is forced to depend on others for helping him. Iacov lives alone since his wife passed away around seven years ago. He receives a small government pension of about $2.50 per day, but with prices… Read more

School boy in South America with a copy of CAM’s Bible story book.

A Message of Hope for Venezuela

Christian literature for a country in crisis The future looks grim for the people of Venezuela. A corrupt socialist government has thrown the country deep into an economic crisis, and the value of money has dwindled to almost nothing. Families struggle to survive. Tens of thousands are leaving the country Desperate for a better life,… Read more


I Have Two Feet!

“Don’t bring that thing to my house!” Kou heard her son say. But Kou’s grandmother heart could not leave the baby to die. Her name is Miracle. She was born in the heart of Liberia with a cleft lip and palate and a missing leg. Superstition has many Liberians believing that birth defects are a… Read more


Yemen in Distress

After more than 1,000 days of civil war and 9,000 bombings in Yemen, homes and jobs are left in shambles. “People everywhere started losing their jobs and . . . were not paid salaries anymore,” reported one citizen. Every day, two out of three families don’t know if they will have food to eat. CAM… Read more


Embassies of God’s Kingdom

When CAM establishes bases in other countries, we like to have a church nearby that shares our beliefs. These churches not only provide a place where our field staff can worship, but they open spiritual opportunities in the community. Through the Church Planting Program, CAM financially supports several church-planting efforts in Haiti, Romania, and Liberia…. Read more


Clean Water, Living Water

Clean water is just a dream for many people. Every day, millions around the world scoop brown water out of stagnant water holes and muddy lakes and rivers. CAM’s Water-for-the-World program changes this for some people. And the results are not always just physical. In Cambodia, where people use dirty surface water for cooking, drinking,… Read more


Quality Seeds for Ukraine

Misha Nazaruk, a pastor from Ukraine, says the seeds he receives from CAM each year have been a great blessing to his family and others. “These seeds help our family (of eight) and our church members a lot. We are also able to bless unbelievers with these seeds.” Good quality seeds are not affordable for… Read more


SALT Microfinance Solutions

Shohel and Taslima* from Bangladesh owned almost nothing. They had no land to grow crops. Their house was barely big enough to sleep in. And Shohel struggled to find a steady job, making it nearly impossible to support the family. When Taslima heard about the SALT savings group starting in their village, she joined eagerly…. Read more


“Only God-People Would Do This”

In a remote region of Liberia, Yemon spends her days on a bamboo bed inside a mud hut. Open sores ooze around her ankles and up into her swollen legs. Her son tells us she cries all night, because her legs burn and itch. Yemon needs a hospital but has no money to pay for… Read more


Helping the Sick Through Gifts-That-Grow

Four-year-old Veronicka, pictured above, came to a CAM-supported clinic in Haiti with diarrhea and severe vomiting. Her symptoms pointed to cholera, a sickness that would result in death if not treated quickly. As part of her recovery process, she was very happy to drink the yummy mango-flavored Pediatric Electrolyte provided by CAM. Millions of dollars’… Read more


Aid for Romania’s Gypsy Communities

In Romania’s Gypsy villages, life is bleak for those living in poverty. There are widows who don’t know the goodness of Jesus, elderly who suffer alone with illnesses, and children whose parents cannot provide for them. CAM’s Jericho Road Program reaches out to these neglected, abused, and lonely individuals in various ways. One aspect of… Read more