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Severe Storms in the U.S.!

Flood cleanup continues in Missouri

Rapid Response Update: Flood cleanup is ongoing in Thomasville and Van Buren, Missouri. The Missouri team is also keeping an eye on the St. Louis area, which was still flooded at the beginning of the week. Search and Rescue update: The bodies of the children who were...
Yemen Silently Starves

Yemen Silently Starves

For two years, war has raged in Yemen, an impoverished country on the Arabian Peninsula. Bombs and missiles rain down destruction and death, as Saudi Arabia tangles for influence and rebel groups fight for control. But war has brought something even worse to Yemen....

Blind Man Receives Food Parcel

CAM workers delivered a food parcel to this elderly man’s home in Kenya. Because he is blind, he was unable to come to the central drop-off point where recipients typically pick up their parcels. Like many elderly people in Kenya, this man survives on very little and...
Billboards with the name "Jesus" make people think and ask questions.

A Curious Caller Asks About Jesus

Abby* believes strongly that there is a God. But she struggles to understand Jesus. Abby’s interest in Christianity had piqued when her friend Alisha became a follower of Jesus. Alisha, who used to live in deep sin, talked a lot about Jesus and Abby saw the difference...

Free medicines a blessing in needy countries

Your gifts reached all the way to Haiti and blessed little Eustache. Her throat ached, and she had a hard time breathing. Eustache’s father was relieved to get Children’s Cough and Sore Throat medicine for her at a clinic stocked with free medicines from CAM. Medicine...

Can they be trusted? Can they be reached?

Here in the United States, Gypsies once traveled the country, selling their wares and living in camps. People held them at arm’s length, assuming the worst. While most Gypsies in the United States have blended into the mainstream culture, in many parts of the world,...

Nourishment for the Malnourished

What if you had twin babies and not enough milk to feed them both? How would you choose which one to keep alive? In impoverished countries, it’s not uncommon for one twin to thrive and the other to die. Sometimes parents are uneducated about the importance of regular...

Medicines in Remote Places

In a makeshift exam room in a remote little schoolhouse in Nicaragua, boys and girls, moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas came for checkups. Some needed blood pressure medication, others needed vitamins, and still others needed antibiotics for ear infections. A small...