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The Power of a Bible Story Book

While traveling through Western Europe on business, Vitali from Ukraine was involved in a terrible accident. As he lay on the pavement in excruciating pain with broken ribs puncturing his lungs, he heard the paramedics say, “He’s not gonna make it. Let him die.” At that moment, Vitali remembered a Bible story book he had […]

Mudslides Devastate Southern California

CAM Rapid Response Team Researches Ways to Help Two days after mudslides plummeted down hillsides of Southern California, the search for survivors continues. At least 17 people are dead—including four children—and more than a dozen people are still missing. Hundreds have been rescued already. Our California Rapid Response team is researching ways to help in […]


Medical Care for Remote Liberian Villages

Your gifts recently helped provide medicines for four remote villages in Liberia where medical care is nearly nonexistent. “The nearest clinic is several days’ walk away,” said one of our staff members in Liberia. “When you get sick, you just die.” A medical team from another mission, along with CAM’s medicine program director, flew in […]


Food for Middle Eastern Families

In a small village north of Jerusalem, Abdullah* and his wife live in a house perched on a steep hillside. When Abdullah became partially blind from diabetes, he needed to quit his job, even though he and his wife still have several children in school. Through the International-Feed-A-Family program, Abdullah’s burden is lightened by the […]

A Nicaraguan woman stands in her courtyard filled with items she rescued from her flooded home.

Hurricane Nate Victims Still in Soggy Dwellings

Hurricane Nate brought three days of torrential rain to the already-saturated ground in Nicaragua. Two months later, some poor families are still sleeping on wet mats in flimsy makeshift shelters because the rains haven’t allowed things to dry out. Some have developed a fungus in their feet from the wet conditions. We here at CAM-Nicaragua […]


CAM Billboards Make People Think

Derrick* was so focused on the CAM billboard “Lust drags you down to hell” that he rear-ended a vehicle right in front of the sign! “The Lord used that board to speak to me,” he said. “It had me really examining my life.” Many callers say the CAM billboards make them think about their lives […]

Bible SPost

“Please Send Us Bibles!”

How much does your Bible mean to you? As Christians in the western world, most of our homes have at least one Bible and often even five or six. But there are still many, many believers in today’s world who have never owned even one Bible! Many of these needs are in places where Bibles […]

Yemen - The Suffering Intensifies

Yemen – The Suffering Intensifies

Update: The number of cholera cases in Yemen has now reached one million, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross. More than 2,200 people have died. Cholera is an infectious disease that causes severe diarrhea and dehydration; if left untreated, the disease can kill quickly. Health officials fear a new wave of cholera […]


The Wonderful Gift of Mobility

George was born with club feet. Without proper correction, this Kenyan child would likely never walk. Poverty left him with little hope. But then, through the Hope-for-the-Handicapped program, George received small boots and a corset for his torso. George is starting the process of correcting his feet so he can walk. In many countries, children […]


Bringing Good Tidings of Great Joy

The shepherds rejoiced more than 2,000 years ago when they heard the exciting news that Jesus, the Savior, was born! This news brought great hope to their souls. Today, many people around the world still rejoice when they hear the story of Jesus. For some, CAM’s Bible story book is the first step in their […]


Multiply your Christmas Gift

This Christmas you can give a gift that will multiply the value of your dollar. Because the value of products donated to CAM far exceeds the cost to procure them, every dollar you give to Gifts-That-Grow helps us acquire $115 worth of gifts for various countries. Irina is a widow who lives in a nursing […]


A Brighter Future for Bridget

A huge bone tumor on Bridget’s lower jaw grew to the point where she was no longer able to eat solid food. Death was on the horizon for this orphan in Kenya. Thanks to CAM’s Special-Needs-Fund, Bridget’s life was spared. Doctors removed her lower jaw and replaced it with titanium plates. Now she can eat […]


102-Year-Old Receives CAM Food Parcel

Thank you, Lord, for my 100 years, says the sign above Alfredo. He sits in a yellow and green hammock strung across the open shelter made of rough boards and old tin. Behind him hangs a dark red embroidered blanket, partially hiding a lumpy mattress on cement blocks. Alfredo is 102 now. His wife Rufina […]


Support-A-Widow Food Parcels in Kenya

Kenya has one of the highest rates of AIDS in the world. In 2016 alone, the country had more than 36,000 AIDS-related deaths. This epidemic has left thousands of women widowed. In a land where women customarily aren’t allowed to own property, widows not only grieve the loss of their husbands but also the loss […]