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Children in Rohingya refugee camp

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Thousands in need of medical care and clean water Salim, 10 years old, sits beside his mother under a black tarp on a bumpy dirt slope. His face lights up with a smile as he talks about how he and his friends used to go to the hills and feed the cows back in Myanmar… Read more


Pointing America to Christ

Only eternity will reveal how the simple truths on CAM’s Gospel billboards have touched the lives of Americans. The many calls that come in give us a glimpse of the impact of these messages. How do Gospel billboards impact hearts?   Call the weary to find rest “I’m stressed. I want to know the meaning… Read more


A New But Dreadful Normal

A bleak life of hardship has become a new but dreadful normal for Syrian refugees. Thousands are still waiting to return to their homes. CAM staff recently visited Turkey where they found a cattle barn lot crowded with tents. It was home to fifty refugee families. “Conditions were extremely squalid with makeshift tarp structures thrown… Read more


Tiny Gifts with Huge Potential

Through CAM’s Seed Project, Florica received seeds to plant in her garden. When she saw what a bumper crop of vegetables these seeds produced, she was overjoyed. The extra produce could be packed into jars and preserved. Florica was excited about preparing many wholesome meals for her children in the winter. Florica lives in northeastern… Read more


Restoring Hope and Courage

Caught in the crossfire of Nicaragua’s civil war in the 1980s, Guillermo (above) got shot and lost his left leg. He could have become bitter about his handicap, but he chose not to. He now reaches out to others and pastors a church. Recently Guillermo and his wife Maria came home to find their house… Read more


Monthly Food Parcels for the Capra Family

The Capra family of fourteen shares half of a small house with another family. Constantin, the father, is working to build a new house to accommodate his family. The house has a roof now, but Constantin has no money to finish it. Constantin works whatever small jobs he can find, sometimes at a local sawmill,… Read more

Miller/Yoder Tragedy

Disaster Response Accident Update

On Tuesday, February 6, around 5:30 p.m., a volunteer work crew was returning to the Christian Aid Ministries Disaster Response base in Lumberton, North Carolina, when they were involved in a serious traffic accident. Two volunteers were killed and two others seriously injured.

Josiah Miller, age 47, and Kevin Yoder, age 18, died in the crash. Both were from the New Order Amish community in Hustonville, Kentucky. Josiah leaves behind his wife Susan and 10 children, 8 still at home…

“I Don’t Know Who Jesus Is”

“I Don’t Know Who Jesus Is”

“The Lord . . . is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9b). When Lee* saw the CAM billboard with the message Beyond Reasonable Doubt, Jesus is Alive, he called us and said, “I don’t know who Jesus is. What does this billboard mean?” After our… Read more


Books Once Banned Now a Blessing

What was once a criminal offense in Romania is now a wide open door of opportunity—that of distributing Christian books in public schools. “God has given a window of time when books can be freely distributed without fearing a prison sentence,” says Marvin Miller, Romania staff member. During communism, Romania’s government placed rigid restrictions on… Read more


The Cost of Hunger and a Way to Make a Difference

Life is given by God and meant to be lived. But in remote areas of Haiti, malnutrition and poverty are draining life from many children. In Haiti, six-month-old Clarvensky was wasting away. His mama disappeared when he was a month old and left him in the yard. Several ladies in the village took pity upon… Read more


Seeds for Eastern Europe

It’s that time of year again when our staff and volunteers in Eastern Europe prepare thousands of seed parcels to give out in needy villages in Romania and Ukraine. Most of the villagers live off the land and can afford only cheap seeds that produce poorly. They are very grateful for the gift of quality… Read more



It was a discouraging moment for the Burduja family when they discovered a thief had snuck into their attic and helped himself to their blankets. Even without thieves, keeping their family of 18 warm and fed was a challenge enough for the parents Vasile and Teodora. When CAM donated comforters to this Romanian family, their… Read more

Sponsors enable students like Elisa to receive a Christian education.

Affected for a Lifetime

“Good morning! How are you?” The happy chorus of young voices greets visitors who have just arrived at Light Mennonite School. Elisa White is among these Liberian students. She was abandoned by her mother and now lives with her uncle. Having a sponsor from across the ocean reminds Elisa and others at the school that… Read more