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New Testaments for the far North

New Testaments for the Far North

God continues to open doors to provide Bibles and New Testaments in unusual and remote parts of the world. The past few years, we have worked with trusted contacts to supply New Testaments in the former Soviet Union, including an isolated region of Siberia. One of the...


Little Meyling from Nicaragua is one of many disabled children who have received a wheelchair from CAM. When she was a baby, Meyling suffered a very high fever for several days, causing a stroke that left her physically handicapped. In spite of this, she still has a...
As the fighting continues in Mosul, the number of displaced persons grows.

Fresh from Mosul

Last night after distributing blankets in a camp for people who had fled Mosul, we were getting ready to leave when we saw a lot of new arrivals—women and children sitting out in a dark, fenced area beside the road with fires going to warm themselves. It was cool and...


Widowed and suffering from rheumatism, 83-year-old Elena Gadea does what she can to provide for her two disabled daughters. She tries to find cleaning jobs when they are available, but she basically has no income. Thanks to supporters, Elena’s struggle to keep her...