SALT Microfinance Solutions


Microloans, Bible lessons, and a way forward

My husband and I recently accompanied the SALT team to a microloan disbursement meeting in a poor neighborhood of Tipitapa, Nicaragua. This microloan group started when Juan, a man from this area, asked CAM for money for woodworking tools. Our staff told him why we don’t just hand out money and informed him about the SALT program. Inspired, Juan then helped to get a microloan group started.

Bible- Based Teaching

Bible-Based Teaching for Businesses

Win’s sewing business income was only enough to pay for her family’s daily food. But since joining a SALT savings group in Myanmar, she has learned to better manage her money and has even been able to save! Win used this money to buy a better sewing machine that is helping her produce more income…. Read more

Poultry Farmer, Egg Production

George the poultry farmer

George, a SALT microloan client and poultry farmer in Ghana, specializes in egg production. When some SALT staff members attended a microloan meeting in his village in rural Ghana, he led them up a hill to where he has his barns.


SALT Microfinance Solutions

Shohel and Taslima* from Bangladesh owned almost nothing. They had no land to grow crops. Their house was barely big enough to sleep in. And Shohel struggled to find a steady job, making it nearly impossible to support the family. When Taslima heard about the SALT savings group starting in their village, she joined eagerly…. Read more


Savings Groups Starting in Ukraine

Sasha, a member of a recently established SALT savings group in Ukraine, listened intently to the Bible-based teaching at a SALT meeting. He always thought the small amount of money he earned wasn’t worth saving. “But as I listened intently about the need for discipline . . . I realized that my unnecessary spending habits… Read more


Agri-Plus Provides Sustainable Solutions for Haitian Farmers

In a place known for its deep poverty, Haitian farmers are discovering how to use their agricultural resources to provide for themselves without depending on foreign aid. These farmers in Haiti are learning improved farming practices through Agri-Plus, an aspect of CAM’s SALT Microfinance Solutions program. The program teaches soil conservation and helps farmers experiment… Read more