Christian Aid Comforter

A Christian Aid Comforter Brings a Smile

Widowed long ago, Gehn from Liberia is now about 75 years old. A year or two ago, she suffered a stroke and cannot walk without help. Gehn sleeps on a thin foam mat on the dirt floor, and she had only a thin piece of cotton cloth to cover her before she received a Christian Aid comforter.

Bedding Send A Comforter

From Your Hands to Theirs

Soft beds with warm blankets are a welcome sight at the end of the day. But for households struggling to buy food and clothes, good bedding is an unaffordable luxury. Handmade comforters are a delight to needy people in Liberia, Romania, North Korea, and many other countries. Some use the comforters as soft mats to… Read more



It was a discouraging moment for the Burduja family when they discovered a thief had snuck into their attic and helped himself to their blankets. Even without thieves, keeping their family of 18 warm and fed was a challenge enough for the parents Vasile and Teodora. When CAM donated comforters to this Romanian family, their… Read more


The Warmth of a Comforter

Cold weather makes us pull our cozy blankets closer, and makes us thankful for a warm house that shelters us from the chill. This, however, is not how life is for needy families in Romania or Ukraine who also experience frigid temperatures. Poverty has them living in houses that aren’t climate controlled, but love from… Read more


Comforters Bring Cheer in Miserable Places

In tent camps sprinkled throughout Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, some Syrian refugees are facing their sixth winter in makeshift shelters. Towering above them are the snow-covered mountains that separate them from their war-torn homeland of Syria. Donate Now CAM staff visit the Bekaa Valley frequently, and one of their visits last winter came a week after… Read more