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A gift multiplied

Henderika is generous with what she has and doesn’t keep the blessings for herself. She has multiplied a gift from the Support-A-Widow program.

Support A Widow

Support A Widow

Widows in impoverished countries often have no one to care for them. A monthly parcel of food and healthcare items from CAM sponsors relieves them from the worry of providing for their basic needs.


“Only God-People Would Do This”

In a remote region of Liberia, Yemon spends her days on a bamboo bed inside a mud hut. Open sores ooze around her ankles and up into her swollen legs. Her son tells us she cries all night, because her legs burn and itch. Yemon needs a hospital but has no money to pay for… Read more


Support-A-Widow Food Parcels in Kenya

Kenya has one of the highest rates of AIDS in the world. In 2016 alone, the country had more than 36,000 AIDS-related deaths. This epidemic has left thousands of women widowed. In a land where women customarily aren’t allowed to own property, widows not only grieve the loss of their husbands but also the loss… Read more


Support-A-Widow Food Parcels are a Big Help

When Miatta (pictured above) was a young girl, she lost her ability to walk because of dislocated knee joints. She has since learned how to maneuver despite the excruciating pain, but because of her handicap she is unable to work regularly. Miatta is now a 50-year-old widow with three children, struggling to provide even daily… Read more

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Juana is an 83-year-old widow in Nicaragua whose husband died 26 years ago. Her son, a mentally-ill daughter, and two grandchildren live with her. For the last two years, Juana’s son hasn’t been able to harvest a crop due to drought. During this time of need, a monthly food parcel from CAM enables Juana and… Read more



In the rocky village of Teustepe, Nicaragua, Josefa lives in a small mud house just large enough for a bed, a few chairs, and some other items. Josefa, a widow, fell while trying to tie up a pig and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. She is unable to support herself, but the… Read more