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Support A Widow

Support A Widow

Widows in impoverished countries often have no one to care for them. A monthly parcel of food and healthcare items from CAM sponsors relieves them from the worry of providing for their basic needs.

Middle East Ministries

Middle East Ministries

Rafael* was accustomed to working long hours in the fields to provide for his family. This all changed when he got a severe case of hepatitis. Sick for several months, Rafael was unable to earn his desperately needed income.

Warm Clothing, Cold Winter

Warm Clothing for a Cold Winter

The children’s eyes sparkle with excitement. A bundle of clothing has just arrived at the Paraschiv home. Smiles light up their faces as they dig through the CAM clothing bundle. They discover shirts, dresses, sweaters, and shoes that fit them! The clothes have arrived just in time for school and the long winter that is… Read more

CAM Open House, Christian Aid Annual Open House, Annual Open House

Christian Aid Ministries Annual Open House this week!

We are busy gearing up for our Annual Open House this week in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. You are warmly invited to attend! Slides of CAM programs in various countries will be shown both Friday and Saturday evening. During the day Saturday, speakers will share of their experiences with helping refugees, bringing God’s Word to the unreached, caring for victims of natural disasters, and much more!


From Ruin to Recovery

Water-damaged houses. Torn off roofs. Trees strewn across the yard. These sights leave many devastated homeowners with overwhelming questions: What steps should I take next? How will I clean this by myself?


Yemen could be facing world’s worst famine in 100 years

The UN recently announced that Yemen is rapidly spiraling into the worst famine the world has seen in the past century. As the war continues, Yemenis face tremendous suffering. Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East and conditions there continue to deteriorate rapidly. As support is available, we want to seize the opportunity to provide suffering Yemenis with food, water, and other emergency aid.

Tsunami in Indonesia

Tsunami in Indonesia

The death toll continues to rise as rescue workers recover bodies of those killed by an earthquake and tsunami that struck Sulawesi, Indonesia, on September 28. Some perished when their homes collapsed. Others were carried out to sea when the twenty-foot tsunami wave swept ashore. The official death toll is around 1,400, but many are not yet accounted for. The earthquake and tsunami destroyed at least 66,000 homes.

Kenyan Girl, Kenya, Girl

Children’s Story: Meet Sentoya, A Kenyan Girl

Far away in the country of Kenya lives a girl named Sentoya.* She is from a tribe of people called the Maasai. Sentoya is either eight or nine years old. She isn’t exactly sure. She was three years old before she was even given a name. Maasai parents don’t give their children names until they are three, because so many of the children get sick and die young.

Hurricane Michael,Hurricane Michael Devastated, Who is helping with Hurricane Michael, How to help with Hurricane Michael, Helping With Hurricane Michael

Record-Breaking Hurricane Michael Devastated Florida

Hurricane Michael roared ashore on Florida’s panhandle as a category 4 storm. In the final hours before landfall on October 10, the hurricane rapidly intensified. The catastrophic storm caught many by surprise. Winds of up to 155 mph obliterated houses, ripped off roofs, splintered trees, smashed power lines, and left homeowners reeling in the aftermath. In some places, entire blocks were nearly wiped out.



Abraham was severely undernourished when his mother brought him to the CAM base in Liberia. After our staff prepared nutritional drink mix for him, “Abraham drank eagerly . . . like he was starving,” reported a CAM staff member in Liberia. Desperate mothers frequently bring their malnourished children to the CAM base for help. “Somebody… Read more



Many Liberian children don’t have the opportunity to go to school. But this young girl is learning to read and write at Hope Mennonite School. Supporters who fund CAM’s International-Sponsor-A-Student program give her this opportunity. Hope Mennonite School is one of two CAM-supported schools in Liberia that operate under the direction of Faith Mennonite Church… Read more


Deadly Wildfire in Greece

A wildfire raged out of control near Athens, Greece, in late July. At least 91 people died in the blaze and many others were injured. In one seaside village, residents fled into the sea to escape the horrifying fire. Officials estimate that more than 1,000 homes were destroyed. CAM is working with contacts in Greece… Read more

Clothing Bundle

Clothing Bundle Project

Mountainous areas of Tajikistan have extremely harsh winters with large amounts of snow. CAM provides quality used clothing in this former Soviet republic in Asia. A clothing bundle provided by CAM supporters will help this needy family prepare for the cold winter ahead

Bibles for the World


The people of Younlay Town, Liberia, know very little of what it means to follow Jesus. “Even church leaders participate in activities of the dark world,” reports a CAM staff member in Liberia. “They desperately need Jesus. If we can get the Word of God into as many hands as possible, there is a greater chance of making a difference in Younlay Town.” Although a Bible only costs about $10 in Liberia, it is unaffordable for most of the population.