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Firewood Eases the Dread of Winter

As winter approaches once again, we in North America are thankful for warm, cozy houses. But many families in Eastern Europe face winter with dread and uncertainty. How will they have enough money to heat their houses when incomes are low or non-existent and jobs are hard to find?

“God sent you here!”

“God sent you here!”

Nestled on the edge of a Romanian village, Veronica’s house is old and its weary roof leaks. Keeping her house warm is a struggle for this widow. Poverty is all that Veronica has ever known. Recently her poverty increased when her health began to fail and she spent many days in the hospital. When Veronica… Read more


Warmth for Winter’s Hardships

When chilly winds blow and fluffy clouds bring heaps of snow, we scurry inside, thankful for the comfort of a warm house. Stacks of firewood outside or a reliable source of gas mean we don’t have to fear winter. Meanwhile across the Atlantic, many families in Romania and Ukraine are distraught at the thought of… Read more



Widowed and suffering from rheumatism, 83-year-old Elena Gadea does what she can to provide for her two disabled daughters. She tries to find cleaning jobs when they are available, but she basically has no income. Thanks to supporters, Elena’s struggle to keep her house warm is eased this winter with the stove she received from… Read more

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Winter Approaches

Many Americans anticipate winter and what comes with it—relaxing evenings in a cozy house, a fire to ward off chills, hot chocolate, and falling snow.

Warm A Family


Can you imagine using sunflower stalks to help heat your home? In Romania, this is a reality when wood is not readily available or affordable. Cutting wood is not an option for many either. It is illegal to cut wood in Romania, even on your own property, without a special permit from forest officials. Most… Read more


As winter approaches and our houses in the United States start to feel chilly, many of us simply walk to the thermostat and turn up the heat or add a few logs to the woodstove. But for people in Eastern Europe, it’s not that easy. The question of how to stay warm hangs heavily over… Read more