Christian family magazine, Christian Aid Ministries
Happy recipients in Kenya hold their Torch of Truth Christian family magazines.

Christian family magazines provide solid Bible teaching

God is using Christian family magazines to provide a lifeline of solid Bible teaching for believers around the world. As the church grows, we receive requests for more than 13 million copies of these magazines each year. This includes the Seed of Truth, Antorcha de la Verdad (Spanish for “Torch of Truth”), and other related magazines specifically developed for restricted countries. Page after page is translated into multiple languages and distributed in more than 100 countries and territories. The goal of these publications is to inspire, teach, and direct recipients to follow the Savior.

[box] “My story begins in 2010 when I accepted the invitation to attend a church . . .  I met up with an old friend who spoke to me about the Lord and gave me a magazine, Antorcha de la Verdad. That night, as I read through the magazine, I felt God’s presence come into my heart and God saved me and took away my desire for drugs. From there on, I have been a faithful follower of the Lord . . .  I had saved the few copies of the Antorcha I had . . . and began to use them to speak to my neighbors who come to my house.” —Colombia [/box]


Christian Family Magazines help with church building

The Bible-based principles and inspirational teachings in Christian family magazines play a significant role in helping new believers and church leaders grow stronger in the faith. This is true, especially in closed and restricted countries, where access to Christian literature is barred. For many believers living under oppressive governments, these magazines are their primary source of Biblical teaching, spiritual encouragement, and hope. Please pray that God would work through the Christian Family Magazines program to change lives, open doors of opportunity, and reach the hearts of His people with His Word.

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