Isi* is an evangelist from Central Asia who travels to mountain villages to spread the Gospel. He finds encouragement through the articles in the Seed of Truth magazine. Isi shared, “When reading a testimony [in] the March edition, I was crying . . .”

Isi passes on the nuggets of truth he gleans with people he reaches out to and often shares magazines with new believers. He said, “There are many people who receive Jesus . . . and I can meet with them to give them a new magazine.”

The Seed of Truth and Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth) magazines provide wholesome reading for Christians in countries where Biblical teaching is difficult to obtain. Many people have little fellowship or godly input and find valuable spiritual nourishment through the magazines. In one restricted country, contacts tell us that CAM’s Christian family magazines are the primary source of Bible teaching for believers in that country. Distributing Bibles is extremely difficult in this location.

In Central Asia, the magazines remind Sveta of the morals she was taught in her childhood but were largely lost by the pressure of society. After receiving the Seed of Truth, she said, “Every cell of my being is revived and strengthened when I read the words I heard when I was a little girl.” Sveta desires to teach these truths to her children.

The Christian Family Magazines program enables Christian workers to distribute the Seed of Truth and Antorcha de la Verdad to approximately 100 countries and territories. These include numerous restricted countries. Ukraine was a major recipient of the Seed of Truth until the recent war.

In Belarus, a recipient said, “We read it in our family, and then share it with our friends. It is a very good magazine; each section is important. . . .”

A grateful recipient in Russia shared, “I greatly enjoy reading [the magazines], especially the articles in the teaching section. I share them with other people in our church. . . . [The magazines] are full of godly examples. God bless your work!”

*Name changed to protect identity.

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