Christian Schooling for Eastern Europe
A Romanian student works on his math.

A safe way to teach children

Dorin* was troubled by the tremendous secular influence the public school system had on his children. As a parent and church leader, he felt powerless to reverse these teachings. This dilemma led him to seek a solution for his family and others in the church.

Since he was a CAM contact for years and a faithful reader of publications like the Seed of Truth magazine, Dorin knew who we were and what we stood for. He came to one of our Eastern European offices in 2015 asking for help, wanting something he could trust for his children’s education. He asked how many young people in conservative Anabaptist churches in America stayed faithful to the Lord and marveled at the answer.

Dorin’s questions and concerns helped motivate the beginnings of the Christian Schooling for Eastern Europe program. Your support of this program equips concerned parents with a structured way to teach their children at home, using the Bible-based Christian Light Education curriculum. More than 1,140 children benefit from this program, and only eternity will reveal the full effect Christian education can have on an individual, a family, a church, and a society.

Recently the Romanian government has increased pressure on families wanting to educate their children at home. Please pray that this program can continue!

*Name changed to protect identity.

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