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These children in Romania now have the privilege of Christian schooling.

Christian Schooling for Eastern Europe

When the Amish and Mennonite people faced adversity to start their own schools in the 1970s, a cultural expert testified in the U.S. Supreme Court that their religion would be destroyed if the law would deny them this privilege. The Supreme Court’s final decision gave Anabaptists in the United States the right to educate their children outside the public school system. This was an answer to prayer, helping to protect their children from the public schools’ negative influence.

Today, Christian parents in Romania also contend with a public school system that threatens the truth they long to instill in their children. Your support of Christian Schooling for Eastern Europe equips these concerned parents with a structured way to teach their children at home instead, using the Bible-based Christian Light Education curriculum. Families register under an organized program that provides oversight and accountability.

Adi is overjoyed to provide Christian schooling for her young son. “Not only is Sebi out of a poisonous environment,” she says, “but he learns about God in school . . . It really feels too good to be true.”

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