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Bundles of warm clothes for a looming winter

With winter looming, the need for warm clothes is increasing in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world.

Quality used shirts, dresses, coats, and other clothes, donated by our supporters and distributed through the Clothing Bundle Project, play a vital role in helping to keep families warm and easing the burden of winter. These gifts help them stretch their income to pay heating bills or feed their families.

Eastern Europe

“When recipients see bags of clothing there is always a feeling of joy,” says a staff member in Romania. “Happy parents hope that some of these clothes will fit their children and this will relieve some of the burden of buying clothes.”

Buying warm clothes for growing children is a burden for many Romanian and Moldovan families, especially during the bitter winter months. A bag of clothing brings excitement to children and relief to parents.

“Even the elderly love to see what is in a bag of clothing,” said a staff member. “Things they don’t need or can’t wear will be given to others.”


The Clothing Bundle Project fills several roles in Tajikistan: it allows vulnerable families to use their income on necessities other than clothes, it encourages needy Christians, and it causes unbelievers to ask, “Why are you helping us?” A staff member said, “One older lady who cares for her aged, handicapped brother thanked us over and over, with tears streaming down her cheeks, for visiting them and bringing some clothing.”

Middle East

Displaced families across the Middle East live in poorly heated homes or simply can’t afford to pay heating bills when winter arrives. “People try to keep warm mainly by using heavy clothing and blankets,” said a contact in Syria.

When asked how people respond to receiving the special gift of clothing, our contact responded, “They are absolutely happy—very, very happy. . . . They are relieved to see that they do not need to buy these goods.”

Clothing may appear like a simple item, but your gifts of clothes and your funds to ship and distribute them overseas are a relief to people who dread the upcoming winter. Supporters, thank you!